BREAKING! GOP Alternative to Obama School Speech Leaked

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The following video has been obtained by the MinistryOfTruth from an unconfirmed Republican party source that shall remain anonymous. In order to obtain this highly secret information, the MinistryOfTruth has been forced to do things no MinistryOfTruth should ever have to do.

Guard this information and use it well.

WARNING: Only those with Stupid RW MEME proof socialist issued protective goggles should view the following movies! VERY IMPORTANT!!!

To be played at American schools that refuse to air the socialist indoctrination speech of Hussein Obama



    More amazing details below the fold!

   I have also obtained through another anonymous Republican party source the video and message which will be sent to all those parents who have asked that their schools refuse to play the Obama video and have kept their children out of school today.

GOP approved alternative to Kenyan Hussien Obama’s indoctrination speech, for Parents who love their children and America and hate tyranny and Government interference with their lives.

by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal  

    Good afternoon, parents and children of America. I am here to inform you at the beginning of this school year that your schools are larded with wasteful Government spending.

    Therefore, once the illegal immigrant Hussein Obama has been deported or defeated in the upcoming 2012 elections the Republican party has decided to close all of your schools and privitize the Education sector of the economy. All schools will then be operated by School Corporation, a subsidiary of News Corporation, which will be administering to all of your future educational needs as stated by the nation of Texastan’s Board of Edumacation.

    In the future, once these plans are enacted, you children will be required to provide their own pencils, paper, text books, desks, nurses, school buses and electricity generators, all of which can be easily purchased at the new Haliburton Corporation conveniance store which will be located next to the new Monsanto Corporation Lunch room facility, gymnasium and occupational education center.

    At the request of parents like you and children all across America, the Republican party and Fox News has created the following educational video to explain how the new Republican sponsored War on Smart Stuff will benefit you and future generations for years to come.

   We insist that you watch the video we have included in this special address for the sake of your children and the safety of our country, which is constantly under the threat of terrorists who are enabled by Democrats who refuse to torture, invade countries or allow the CIA to do it’s job, whatever that may be.

    We hope you enjoy the video and sahre it with your children, neighbors, church congregations and pets.

    God Bless the United States of America, and God Bless the Soverign Nation of Texastan.


Vote Sarah Palin/Baked Potatoe 2012!!!!



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  1. Who can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!?


  2. As your personal paranormal world observer and consultant I can add personal testimony that this is the year of the toad.  In my remote Maine woods survivalist meeting spot this year the toad was indeed the predominant species and had many of us watching as to not step on them.  I know this sounds “bad” and could be interpreted as my sticking up for the side of the reds but honestly, paranormally and interdimensionally speaking…….

    I have no clue as to what this means.

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