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One night, a few months or so ago, I went scavenging through some of the earliest essays of DD. I forget what I was hunting for, or maybe I was just trying to get a better feel of the place, I don’t know. But, oh! what gems I found! (see the “ha!” link above, a great one from On The Bus!!)  Alas, I did not bookmark them other than in my own brain, so I’ll have to see what else I come across anew, as I meander through my day today.

If any of you have fun ones you’d like to add, please linky-winky in a comment and I’ll update.. (Rusty, I know you’ve got a goldmine hidden!)

I encourage anyone new-ish to go see On The Bus’ original Blog Blessing posted (before the launch) on AUG 18, 2007.

DD Greatest Hits…

Here’s a couple that were dug up by On The Bus:

from Buhdy, May 1, 2008, Writing in the Raw, Meat

from Rusty, Feb 14, 2009, Valentine Confessions 2009

very funny, OTB. 😉

Okay, from me, here’s one of Rusty’s, from Feb 17 2009, that I think suits this day:  A New Voice Was Heard

OH! Okay okay, I promise not to get carried away, but this is The Shit right here: Rusty, “Blogging The Future”.

I do wish to express my gratitude and love to all of you… Buhdy, On The Bus, Ek, Nightprowlkitty, Robyn, Turkana, Edger, and also any “oldtimers” who don’t come around much anymore, but still pop in from time to time, i.e OPOL! pico, kestrel9000, pinche tejano, others.  Winter Rabbit.

I really love the community here these days… and wish to thank (in no particular order)

Ministry of Truth… who constantly lives up to his screenname,

Knucklehead… for bringing the beauty,

Something The Dog Said… for setting our own Overton window here, LOLOL,

dharmasyd… my IQ goes up 10 points every time I read your comments,

shaharazade… who I agree with about 99.9% of the time,

Diane… my soul sister,

Rusty… what can I say? damn, I tried but it’s not sounding right, had to delete for the R rating. I love you, man.

And many others who I read faithfully, even if I don’t interact a whole lot with you…. cause Im leaving a bunch of wonderful folks out, not intentionally, mea culpa.

Love and Light.



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  1. I have more to say…. will try to get back to it in a bit.

    Love you guys…!


    • Alma on September 12, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    DD has saved my sanity much more than once.  Its such a peaceful oasis on the internet.

  2. also for everyone being so tolerant of my occasional wandering-off sidetracks … heh.


  3. I really appreciate the shout out.  Thanks for posting this and for bringing your good vibes and compassionate writing to the blog.   Docudharmasvara is pleased to have you on board with the Bozos.  🙂

    I was thinking about putting together a greatest hits retrospective for today but I didn’t get my lazy ass together soon enough.   There are so many good essays to choose from. Here are a couple that I could think of off the top of my head:  

    buhdy’s Writing in the Raw, Meat

    and here’s one from Rusty Valentine Confessions 2009

    • TMC on September 13, 2009 at 1:11 am

    I missed a lot this last year or so. Whenever I could, no matter where I was in the world, if I had a private moment with a computer and internet access, DD was always my first stop. I now have the time to really stop and read “the roses”.

  4. That’s Docudharma.

    Tempers flare now and then because we care so much, we all get frustrated.  But there’s Love and Light here every day.  In Robyn’s poetry.  In Buhdy’s essays, which epitomize who we are and what we believe in.  In so many of the essays here, in the supportive comments in every thread.

    It’s a privilege to be a part of this community.  Thank you for Docudharma, Buhdy, thank you for your kind words, Lady Libertine, and thank you to everyone here for all you’ve done to spread the Light and Love this world needs.


  5. Soo little time.

    Rounding up the terrorists of Oak Knoll California.

    You know the round from an AK47 will go through 6 inches of live solid hardwood tree.  No, I don’t shoot Bambi but that is only because I don’t have to,yet.

  6. away two years ago on dkos and I looked around and thought where’s the ones who draw me here, who are like the fun rocks and shells that you find on a big beach full of gorgeous and interesting detriment the sea has washed up. The ones you want to take home. I retraced my steps and found to my delight that their was a cove they had founded a place that was not so battered by the big sets, where the conditions allowed the sea to tamper it’s fury and every tide deposited the ones you looked for and more to sort through every tide. Thanks DD your the site I love to wander.                

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