8 yrs and a day later, protest the Gov who pays the 9/11 heroes

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I still have my NYPD/FDNY NY Yankees hat.

I grew up in the state of New York. On 9/11/01 I was in New Jersey, and I could see the smoke from there.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com     On that tragic day more brave Police Officers and Fire Fighters lost their lives trying to help and save others then I care to count, though each life lost that day should never be forgotten. The war that was launched in Afghanistan to bring justice to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and the false war based on lies in Iraq that prevented the job of catching Osama bin Laden from being brought to justice has claimed thousands of more lives. All of these men and women are heroes. This is true not only of the innocent victims of 9/11, but also of those who ran into those buildings in order to save the lives of their fellow citizens. The brave fallen soldiers of those wars and the emergency workers of NYC were and are true heroes.

   And today, the Corporate media, the Republican party and their Right Wing base, in order to remember that day and recall the national unity we Americans felt afterwards, are going to protest that same Government who employed, fed and buried the heroes who gave their lives on 9/11 and the wars that were launched in the days and years after..

    And that is truly pathetic.

     In order to protest big Government and rising spending, Multinational Corporations such as News Corp and CNN, along with beltway lobbyists, the GOP and their far right base are protesting the same government that employed the heroes who literally ran into the fire to save us. In doing so, they dishonor their memories.

    During all the protests of the Iraq war and the Bush/Cheney disaster over the years, the same people who are protesting today either sat on their hands quietly or clapped along. The same people who shriek now that a (gasp) Democrat is President said nothing at all while Bush spied on them, tortured people and imprisoned people without fair trials. But now they want their rights back.

    Truly, truly pathetic.

    In some perverse way, the Fox/GOP/Corporate America/MIC complex has decided that it would be inappropriate to exploit 9/11, but 9/12 is just fine. The same Corporations that are kicking and screaming in the face of reform, social equality and progress are glad to bus you and your friends in for a small fee of a few thousand dollars. They will sell you t-shirts, flags and buttons like it was a friggin Jonas Brothers concert, all hosted by Glenn Beck of News Corporation shame, he who has stated that President Barack Obama, who is of African American ancestry and has a caucasian mother, is a “Racist who hates white people”, and the ignorant and misinformed masses have come out to cheer and boo and hiss along.

    Truly, truly pathetic.

    And the worst part is, before even starting, the 9/12 project has failed. This rally will pale in comparison to real, non corporate approved protests. In no way will the 9/12 project ever measure up with the MLK marches on Washington for civil rights, or the 60’s protests of Vietnam, or even the more recent protests of the Iraq war. But the coverage will try to make it seem that way. The class war, it seems, wants to be recognized as something that it is not, which is gladly supported by the very same working class citizens which it seeks to exploit.

     Truly, truly pathetic.

     And meanwhile, all across America there are the families of the true heroes of 9/11, the families of NYPD officers and FDNY firefighters and thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan vets who will never see their loved ones come home again. They will never get to share another moment with them, they will never kiss their faces, or hold them close, save in memory, a memory that should be honored, and should never fade.

     And the very Government that pays their pensions, that pays their VA survivors benefits so that the true heroes who will never return can rest in peace, assured that their families will stay clothed, fed and housed because of the heroic sacrifice that they have made, some of their fellow citizens have chosen today to protest that very same government for the sake of, supposedly, uniting our nation as it once was on 9/12/01, a nation that was unified by terror, was fearing for it’s lives and afraid, all while mourning the tragic loss of our heroes, willing and unwilling into a way to bitch and moan about losing an election, a democratic election that the Democratic party won overwhelmingly after 8 long, sad years of incompetence by the Republian party.

     In the sake of untiy they have not invited the majority fo Americans who vote Democratic and do not adhere to their far right agenda. All this, in the claimed name of promoting national unity.

     And that is truly, truly pathetic.

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  1. and shame to the Republican party that exploits our tragedy and the loss of those heroes. The GOP will never feel any shame, and that is truly pathetic.

    Our fallen heroes deserve better

    Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

  2. does really want to “move on” away from 911 which is why the now international 911 truth movement scares the crap out of them.  I know you see it as a red blue issue while I see it as an evil false flag deliberate operation gone bad.

    As Glenn gets louder so does the left yet both continue to look at the issue via media’s blacklisted goggles.

    Freedom tower seems an inappropriate name for something which is going to be a locked down fortress just to get into.

  3. for your well reasoned indignation. Appalled at today’s events, appalled that we lack a media to call them out. Appallled that there is press coverage of THIS where Press coverage of Iraq War demos that numbered in the 100,000 plus in SF received NO coverage whatsoever (we would go, come home, wait, think “did we dream this?”

    I was so utterly infuriated at the ‘baiting’ today’s MSNBC anchor engaged in with reporter on ground prior to the march as crowd was gathering. He kept saying not to big a turn out and she then showed an aerial view and said its tens of thousands …. and i wondered is this an old shot of another demonstration and even if it is, even if 30,000 showed up, how the hell did this happen? How did this movement grow so big so quickly and what are these brain dead individuals getting to be so motivated to show up en masse in the capital? I heard all the busses were unavailable tomorrow so they cancelled the 9/13 rally. But for gods sakes, what is it gonna take to reactivate the Obama supporters to call for a 2 million people march asap ….. and who do we have with the funding and the network of Dick Armey? And who is gonna find out where that $750,000 came to Joe Wilson right after “You lie”

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