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For Mom…..and all of us. Depression and Suffering

A ramble and exploration, containing some some hard “truths,” this is by NO means a fun essay. Nor is it me claiming that this is the ONLY interpretation, and hard, fast and certain facts.

My Mom died recently.

She was a prisoner of her life. Things happened to her that she could never have anticipated, or explained. Looked at from one perspective none of it was her fault, looked at from another, everything was. As far as we know, none of us ask to be born. But once we are here, we all have to find our way through, we all have to find ways to deal with the many challenges of being on earth.

Life does not come with an instruction manual. What instructions we do get, we get from other humans. Parents, religion, schools, bosses. We do, for the most part what we are told, just as our parents did, just as our priests did, just as our teachers did, just as our bosses did. Our lives are handed down to us, we are told who we are and what to do by other humans….humans who have no idea, other than what others have told them, what to do.

These people can teach us not to make the mistakes thy have made, they tell us not just what TO do, but what not to do. The things they tell us not to do are considered to be mistakes. The things they tell us TO do are thought to lead to successful lives. But of course, success has many and very, very varied definitions. But there are two main ones. Wealth and/or happiness.

Our greatest teachers are supposed to be our parents. In the traditional American life, based on patriarchal traditions of child rearing, we receive most of our life training and instruction, especially in the early years, from our mothers.

My mother was never, in the years that I knew her, happy. Or wealthy. Neither from what I understand, was her mother. Both of them in fact, were lifelong depressives who were in fact miserable and who in fact, spent their lives making other people miserable….before sinking even further into dementia. In remembering Mom, one person who knew her nearly all of her life called her “the Typhoid Mary of Self-Pity.”

If we look around us, at all the other humans, and at the pain and suffering and, frankly, idiocy of other humans….well, really….who the fuck are they to tell us anything. Who are they to define success? Who are they to teach us?

Buddha said, Life Is Suffering.

And boy was he right.

We come unwillingly into this world, blinking and screaming and unaware. We are blank slates. With no memory of a God who loves us, or of lessons learned in past lifetimes, or if we have, no memory of agreeing to come here to work of Karma or consciously embracing Jesus Christ so as to be saved. We are blank slates, blank slates to be written upon by the pain and suffering of a painful and suffering world. We are in fact, MOSTLY taught not how to be ‘successful,’ but how to suffer and be in pain.

Look around at this mess of a world, at the mess that all the humans of the past have made of this gift of a planet. THESE are the people we are supposed to learn from and emulate?

The Public Option is Neither

The current ‘public option’ being bandied about may be the biggest con job since well… the last con job: TARP I guess, hell, there’s so many to choose from since:

BARACK O’BUSH took office in January

The Public Option is neither




It’s intended to be FORCED, that is TO FORCE YOU TO PAY TO FOR PROFIT PRIVATE COMPANIES THAT CAN DENY YOUR CLAIM AS USUAL. And it’s not paid by your taxes.

2.5% of your ‘adjusted gross income’ in addition to the money your pay for fat congressmen and bloated military assholes.

Because it’s YOUR FAULT that you weren’t covered by AIG in the first place, it’s all about YOUR TOTAL LACK of Personal Responsibility, you SCUM SUCKING ALLIGATOR.

You didn’t pay enough to the MIC.

Or actually, you didn’t get enough back.

More money to the military than ALL THE OTHER NATIONS IN THE WORLD:


But, there’s none left.

We have been sold out by –as far as I can tell — every member of congress except Kucinich (who has been able to attach a ‘states rights’ clause to the bill that would allow states to do single payer, if they had the $$–which they don’t) and Sanders.

Many of the very Senators who ran on single payer (RON WYDEN YOU FUCKING PRICK–THIS MEANS YOU) have done everything they can to kill it.

And Barack O’Bush?

Open to mandates, which he campaigned against in the primaries.

Open to well–open to what was in fact John McCain’s “health plan” PLUS MANDATES.

The worst of all worlds.

Fuck you Mr Barack O’Bush.

I Dare You MoFo’s To Do It, Part 2.

In the first installment of I Dare You MoFos To Do It, I called out both Israel and the U.S. to bomb Iran and see what fury hell hath brought.  I explained that the people involved in this geopolitical nightmare are nothing but chickenshits, which in my day was used to describe slimey scumbags who try to talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.  Chickenshit little bastards who hide behind the class bully and taunt those who could beat the shit out of them but feel safe because they’re protected.

Well, I’m happy to say I’m not the only one calling out these chickenshits.  Russia and China are doing so as well.  They’re going so far as to say, “do this you chickenshit little bastards and you’ve got World War on your hands”.  In fact, their warning specifically states that “if the U.S. allows Israel to attack Iran”, the shit will hit the fan.  


“A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an “urgent warning” to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli nuclear attack upon Iran, “World War will be our response”.

It appears the countries we want to topple, aren’t keen in this part of the U.S. Imperialist/Zionist plan to maintain world control.  They even state what they would do:

“Most ominously in these reports though, both Russia and China state that they will have “no choice” but to place an “immediate embargo” against any oil and gas coming from the Middle East and weapons to the region the United States may try to supply.  China further states in this warning that upon an Israeli attack upon Iran they will “immediately cease” to purchase any more US debt, and with the American deficit hitting $1 Trillion for the first time in their history, and with it expecting to exceed $2 Trillion by the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, a particually grave threat being that China’s $2 Trillion in reserves are the only thing keeping the US economy afloat.”

That doesn’t sound good to me.  Not to mention the 6000 missles that would rain down on Israel from Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.  Seems like that could just about seal the deal for a World War.  

So now I can say I have backing.  Me, China, and Russia dare you MoFo’s to do it.  That will be your final mistake, the straw that broke the camel’s back as they say.  We citizens will overtake you and put you in your places.  Those places won’t be pleasant, but we promise not to torture, because we already know the answers.  

A Little Bit of Lunacy (Weekend Anthropology)

Just a little… The past few days, it seems there’s been a bit of lunacy going around.

I don’t have the energy for much. It’s been kinda noisy around my house lately, and I don’t mean the YELLING LOUDER variety.

“Weekend Anthropology” … I started last Saturday with one, so I thought I’d try another. This is much abbreviated than before though.


“There seems to be a deep instinct in human beings for making everything compulsory that isn’t forbidden.”

R. Heinlein, The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress

A Dollar Short

Friday Distractions,

Again I must apologize for being a day late from my normal posting, of the distractions I try & bring each week to make the upcoming few days as little less of a bad taste in your memory.

Is that a complicated sentence?

Ok, So far so good.

I`ll start with a singular composite of stars, but please remember, let`s strive for “Green”.GREEN STARS


Cult Street Christofascists like Sen. Jim Demint must be exposed

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h/t to Ek for the FP

NEW RULE:     Cults are NOT allowed to caucus  

    GAME OVER for Democracy if one of these fucks gets to be President. We already saw what it was like under Bush when a POTUS thinks he was appointed by God, and not the Supreme Court.

    It’s as if they remade Jesus into a free market capitalist!


   Because the minority occupying the high places are stronger than a majority that are irrelevant.


    “How do we take back the gates of commerce which the enemy guards so closely?”

Saturday Rocks!

Saturday Night Special – Lynyrd Skynyrd

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