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IF we get the Public Option, WHO will Get the Choice?

Health Reform’s Missing Ingredient

By Ron Wyden, Senator D-OR, NYTimes Op-Ed

September 17, 2009

The various bills making their way through Congress would, as the president explained, provide some consumer choice by establishing large marketplaces where people could easily compare insurance plans and pick the one that best suits their needs.


The problem with these bills, however, is that they would not make the exchanges available to all Americans. Only very small companies and those individuals who can’t get insurance outside of the exchange – 25 million people – would be allowed to shop there. This would leave more than 200 million Americans with no more options, private or public, than they have today.


Wait a second, I thought the Public Option, would give us a Choice —

give US ALL a Choice?

The Insurance Exchange will be closed to “more than 200 million Americans”?

that must be a typo!?!

What is a robust public option now?

This diary notes a shift in definitions: A “robust public option” used to mean a public option available to all, on the first day of mandates.

What does it mean now?

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The Public Option is Neither

The current ‘public option’ being bandied about may be the biggest con job since well… the last con job: TARP I guess, hell, there’s so many to choose from since:

BARACK O’BUSH took office in January

The Public Option is neither




It’s intended to be FORCED, that is TO FORCE YOU TO PAY TO FOR PROFIT PRIVATE COMPANIES THAT CAN DENY YOUR CLAIM AS USUAL. And it’s not paid by your taxes.

2.5% of your ‘adjusted gross income’ in addition to the money your pay for fat congressmen and bloated military assholes.

Because it’s YOUR FAULT that you weren’t covered by AIG in the first place, it’s all about YOUR TOTAL LACK of Personal Responsibility, you SCUM SUCKING ALLIGATOR.

You didn’t pay enough to the MIC.

Or actually, you didn’t get enough back.

More money to the military than ALL THE OTHER NATIONS IN THE WORLD:


But, there’s none left.

We have been sold out by –as far as I can tell — every member of congress except Kucinich (who has been able to attach a ‘states rights’ clause to the bill that would allow states to do single payer, if they had the $$–which they don’t) and Sanders.

Many of the very Senators who ran on single payer (RON WYDEN YOU FUCKING PRICK–THIS MEANS YOU) have done everything they can to kill it.

And Barack O’Bush?

Open to mandates, which he campaigned against in the primaries.

Open to well–open to what was in fact John McCain’s “health plan” PLUS MANDATES.

The worst of all worlds.

Fuck you Mr Barack O’Bush.