Cult Street Christofascists like Sen. Jim Demint must be exposed

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NEW RULE:     Cults are NOT allowed to caucus  

    GAME OVER for Democracy if one of these fucks gets to be President. We already saw what it was like under Bush when a POTUS thinks he was appointed by God, and not the Supreme Court.

    It’s as if they remade Jesus into a free market capitalist!


   Because the minority occupying the high places are stronger than a majority that are irrelevant.


    “How do we take back the gates of commerce which the enemy guards so closely?”

   Divine right to wealth and power, sounds like they are talking about Royalty and Nobility to me.

   I guess that makes us the serfs, huh?

    Jeff Sharlet, who covertly research them, has recently published a book, “The Family”, the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. He has stated that the members at C Street take an oath to protect each other’s Secrecy. He further states The Family calls itself a Christian Mafia.

   I do not talk about my spiritual beliefs much. I am an agnostic, and I try to stay as open minded as possible (who knows when the right God may come into my life and sweep me to my knees)

   My father was Catholic, my mother Jewish. They thought I should have the liberty to decide for myself. Those damned liberals.

   I went to St. John’s University to learn about Christianity. After a year I felt I had learned enough for my tastes. I have read about Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other religions. I have always felt that every culture makes God into their own image as a matter of self – projection.

   But THIS SHIT is too much.

   I am asking those of you with a deep understanding of Christianity to bat down the arguments made by C-ult-Street Worshippers as being entirely against the intent of Jesus Christ

  These people DO NOT worship Jesus Christ. They worship Mammon. They worship wealth and the power wealth brings them. They worship themselves.

  These people SHOULD NOT be allowed to remain in politics. They should be questioned on their Cult Street connections as often as possible, particularly when they themselves bring fascism, free markets or values to the discussion.

The six lawmakers — Reps. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn.; Bart Stupak, D-Mich.; Jim DeMint, R-S.C.; Mike Doyle, D-Pa.; and Sens. John Ensign, R-Nev. and Sam Brownback, R-Kan. — live in private rooms upstairs.

Rent is $600 a month, DeMint said.

AP report on C Street – April 19 2003

    No surprises here. Torture defenders, psychos, this is the black helicopter/tea bagger crowd

    This is the tea bag the evil Government that I want control over crowd. God says so, and he says to cut taxes for the wealthy too. God votes for war and torture, and against social welfare programs and unionization rights. Oh, yeah, and Jesus was a money changer.

   LIDDY: But there’s something else that I remember because I’m a lot older than you are and it’s called national socialism and that’s where the government allows private people to continue to own industrial capacity and what have you but tells them what they may – must do with it. You know, you will make Messerschmidts, etc. That was national socialism. That seems to me the way we’re going.

   DEMINT: You’re right we’ve got national socialism, national paternalism and our form of socialism seems more benign than the classical form that we noted in Europe.

   I think Rachel Maddow sums up the world view of these charlatans easily enough.

MADDOW: it saw its role as promoting American power, world wide, unfettered capitalism with no unions, no programs to help poor people, all with this idea that godly powerful rich men should get as many resources as possible personally, and they should just privately help everyone else. That is the impression that I was left with. Was I close?

Sharlet: That’s dead on the money.


    Ever heard the phrase wage slave before?

    The Nazis broke unions, lowered wages, abolished overtime pay, decreased business taxes and increased business subsidies. Their program bears a strong resemblance to the Republican agenda in this country.

    I want these Government-Religio racist, war mongering, tea bagging, free market anti union family values hypocrites the fuck out of my Government of We The People ASAP. They make me want to puke. I am one of the most tolerant people you will ever meet but THIS SHIT has to stop. These people need to be exposed for the totalitarian Christofascists that they are and kicked the fuck out of power.

   I am very tolerant, but I do not have to tolerate someone who think it is their divine right to wealth and power. That is what the Kings and Nobility of old believed.

  It is as Un – American as it gets.

  I am looking forward to the next diary by troutfishing and others on this subject, as they tend to be more detailed than this humble contribution on the matter. (Less swearing too)

  To make my point, our founding fathers did NOT make this an officially Christian nation for a reason. They did NOT want KINGS UNDER GOD, they wanted free men and women under the rule of law.


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  1. they can kiss my agnostic ass

    • dkmich on July 19, 2009 at 19:08

    I want these Government-Religio racist, war mongering, tea bagging, free market anti union family values hypocrites the fuck out of my Government

  2. is that progressives will not be able to kick these sociopaths out of our government until we can become as organized as they are.  Progressives, being the free-thinking lot that we tend to be, don’t really have weekly pep rallies to compare with the “church” services of these fundies.

    Continuing to refer to them as Christofascists, accurate as the term is, probably doesn’t help, though.  It is very unfortunate that the word fascist has been so abused that it no longer serves so much as a valid description of what it is as an indicator of the drama-queen qualities of the person using it.

  3. The Supremacy of the Wealthy “CULT”ure is devouring democracy with deadly & dastardly ease. The CORPORATIONS need only “buy” our “public servants”, our “elected” politicians, which in reality are nothing but prostitutes & like all good whores, these men & women that walk the halls of Congress are only to eager to “service” their CORPORATE JOHNS, selling not only themselves, but their Country’s well-being, their children’s futures, their scared Constitution, their very souls, for the CULT of GREED & POWER.

    MONEY has corroded the words & deeds of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, the Kennedy’s, MLK, the soldiers that fought & died at Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Normandy, so many people through the kaleidoscope of history that birthed the American DREAM, that we now find today turned inside out, no longer a DREAM, but instead a NIGHTMARE spawning a Wall Street Holy Land that worships the GOD of GREED, the brothel that is Washington DC completely “corporate owned” & the EMPIRE Headquarters where the dogs of war are ordered into the world, where the pentagram of evil resides in the Pentagon.

    CORPORATIONS are the new KINGS & QUEENS, the new PLANTATION OWNERS, but these new TYRANTS never die, they only exist because of PROFIT, like ZOMBIES, like VAMPIRES, they are soulless entities hellbent on sucking out the last bloody drop of PROFIT out of every living soul, until LIFE is consumed by their Supremacy of the Wealthy CULT…

    If this were a legend of old, we would see a hero arise   before the final dooms day arrives, the Gods from on high would send down a thunderbolt, a man untouched by Greed or the addiction to POWER over others, someone that valued LOVE more that HATE, someone like Lincoln that said ENOUGH to SLAVERY with an Emancipation nailed to the door of ROYALTY, someone half white & half black representing the mixed blood of us ALL, someone that would speak for the masses, the people held under the boot of oppression would at long last have a voice, a warrior for TRUTH & JUSTICE to end this insane & suicidal Supremacy of the Wealthy “CULT”ure…

    Someone that could give us CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

    Someone that tells us YES WE CAN!

    If only this were a legend of old…          

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