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So annoying when the mundane things of living life get in the way or sidetrack, derail, blindside or just plain wipe you out. Sigh. I’m decidedly uninspired for writing an Action Diary this week, but there are a few things that are rattling around  that I’d like to toss out there.

Start with this for background music.  Chick Corea and Return to Forever – Spain (Light as a Feather)


We all need some down time once in a while, take time to re-group, re-charge, maybe re-think. Then come back swingin.

Action Items below…


Item  #1: from the DK Rec List yesterday:

UPDATED-Justice’s OPR is a Sham: No Prosecution, Uncertain Bar Referrals for Torture Lawyers

by Jesselyn Radack  Wed May 06, 2009

As an initial matter, PLEASE URGE SENATORS Dick DURBIN (D-Ill.) and Sheldon WHITEHOUSE (D-R.I.) TO INVITE ME (J.RADACK) TO TESTIFY when they hold a HEARING ON THIS REPORT on May 13.

Toll free Capitol Switchboard: 1-800-828-0498

Whitehouse: (202) 224-2921

Durbin: (202) 224-2152

Wow… she updates with news of this write up yesterday evening: nice. Whistleblowers article in wasington independent


Item  #2: see PDNC’s recent rec listed diary, comments are ablaze with some new brainstorming for working up a database….

Just Say No to Torture Immunity

by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, Wed May 06, 2009

PD’s comment:

a treasure trove! thanks. edger is working on

setting something up. i think we’re on our way to data base. 🙂 just love how everyone pulls together on working for justice. gets my eyes all watery. 🙂


Item #3: March, ride, skate, fly…

A major March For Accountability is in the gestation stages now, primarily by Heather/Chacounne, and we will be hearing more from her about this soon.  Meanwhile, I’m just wondering out loud how this will go. I’d love to hear from everybody what your thoughts and ideas are or if you’ve thought about it at all.  So, will you participate and maybe help organize a March for your area? Any great ideas out there for slogans, signs, music… ? Let’s hear them. Have we settled on a date yet?

Heather’s comment:

“come to light”

We MUST push for three things:

1. An independent, open and thorough process that gives all adult Americans all of the facts about what was done in your name.

2. An independent, open and thorough accounting of all those detained by the United States, all those renditioned and all those disappeared since January 21, 2001.

3. An independent process of prosecuting those responsible, regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on.

   Standing for justice and accountability,

                For Dan,


Planning the March for Accountability. Email if you’d like to brainstorm. chacounne AT gmail DOT com, by Chacounne on Tue May 05, 2009

Special Torture Diaries

This week’s Sunday Digest is a goldmine of info from Meteor Blades. Dont skip this one.

Torture News Roundup: Evidence & Excuses

by Meteor Blades  Sun May 03, 2009

Letter Campaign, Something the Dog Said, every MONDAY

Follow the Monday’s Letter Campaign Diary Series and send one yourself!

Weekly Torture Action Letter 9 – China And Rule Of Law

by Something the Dog Said  Mon May 04, 2009

“Why I Fight Against Torture” by chacounne


Quote of the Week

“Don’t say, when the tiger is laying down, that the tiger is sleeping.” Cambodian proverb


By The Numbers

h/t tahoe: Through 2005,  108 detainee deaths, 98% due to torture.  

Detainee Deaths

As you will note, those records cannot be quibbled with. And what about all that happened since 2005?  There is much, much, that we do not know and records, as we have learned, were less than adequate, according to the International Red Cross.  So, as we have so often learned, the extent of the efforts of torture, renditions and “ghost detainees” still is to be learned.  There are so many that were renditioned that are unaccounted for.  Again, against all International laws.  The International Red Cross and other International laws require us to log, track and give accounting to and for all detained in times of “war.” (~Tahoebasha)



None dare call it murder……… by bobdevo, Wed, May 06, 2009

“His (John Sifton, HRW) report says as many as 100 detainees may have died during interrogations, some who were clearly tortured to death. Justice Department officials refused to investigate and prosecute when CIA inspector general referred a case.”

Cheney tried to revive torture after Hamdan decision

by indiemcemopants, Sun, May 03, 2009

“So, I’m trying to understand this. We tortured because we needed to and it produced great results and stopped planned attacks, according to Cheney. The New York Times says we stopped waterboarding in 2003. March 2003. That’s when we invaded Iraq, right? We caught terrorists after we invaded Iraq didn’t we?”

CIA, FBI, DoD, DoJ, Army, Air Force: ‘Torture doesn’t work.’ also by indiemcemopants, Fri, May 01, 2009

“Here I’ve compiled a lengthy list on the ongoing discussion (read: illegal implementation and defense) of torture.”


Website of the Week

Torturing Democracy

watch the documentary online

“Torturing Democracy” relies on the documentary record to connect the dots in an investigation of harsh interrogations of prisoners in U.S. custody – and points straight to the top. Timely and powerful, at its heart the film is about the rule of law – and how the government pushed it aside despite the fierce resistance of many on the inside.


Resource of the Week

The Torture Timeline from Foreign Policy, excellent and up to date (April 2009). h/t to MB.


What’s Next?

We’re still waiting for the new PICS: ACLU says Pentagon agrees to release ‘substantial number’ of photos of abuse of prisoners

pentagon to release new photos

The photos will be made available by May 28, the ACLU said, citing a letter dated Thursday from the Justice Department to a federal judge in New York. The photos’ release is in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the ACLU in 2004 and will include images from prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan at locations other than Abu Ghraib, the ACLU said.

“These photographs provide visual proof that prisoner abuse by U.S. personnel was not aberrational but widespread, reaching far beyond the walls of Abu Ghraib,” Amrit Singh, staff attorney with the ACLU, said in a statement. “Their disclosure is critical for helping the public understand the scope and scale of prisoner abuse as well as for holding senior officials accountable for authorizing or permitting such abuse.”


Man, Im tired, you guys. I’ll be back later to plug in the other rescues and stuff I have in the queue. ~LL

Have some Cat Stevens…


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  1. I will definitely have to take off from this over summer… DH was home, off work, the past two days, so I didn’t have much chance to work on it. lo siento, amigos.


  2. for torture evidence. we have a few volunteers already and edger is working on setting up at his site. 🙂

  3. Great job as usual.  

  4. I found this information on OPR’s policies and procedures helpful. The options open to them, according to these guidelines are:

    10.   Formal Disciplinary Action (within DOJ)

    11.  Referral of Findings of Professional Misconduct to Bar Disciplinary Authorities

    12.   Public Disclosure of OPR Findings

    So it looks like they’re taking the most drastic options available to them.  

  5. If you’re paying attention, you know that no more evidence is needed to prosecute and convict our top national torturers, murderers, war mongers, eavesdroppers, and election riggers. If you want to protest our nation’s descent into open lawlessness, by no means delay. If you’re not planning on going to church on May 31st, for godsake don’t. But if you are planning to attend a church that day, and if more torture photos are finally made public on May 28th, I hope you will take some inspiration from the church blogging of Nick Mottern and bring along some new poster-sized images of what torture does to people.

    Predictably, recent polling found that white evangelical Christian Americans are more likely to support torture, followed by white Catholics, other white protestants, and trailing far behind: the non-religious. I would predict the same results for supporting aggressive war, unlawful detentions, union busting, defunding education, protecting corporate power, teaching primitive myths to children, and general all-around backwardness. And Mormons, among other groups, would score high in these rankings if included.

    That doesn’t mean that some of the most progressive people in the country aren’t also Mormons, evangelicals, Catholics, or protestants, not to mention whites. But it does mean that an above average concentration of torture supporters can be found in churches, and can be found sitting there in stark juxtaposition with archaic teachings of nonviolence and human brotherhood…………..

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  7. nice to see that after battling with comcast and my machines all afternoon!

    so, didja like my “down time” photo? lol

    I did not make it to GOS with this today, might just post it there tomorrow.

  8. uhm… It was a metaphor, not FOR REAL! “down time” . . .lol.

    Okay, looks like Im having major fucking computer malfunction on my PC.

    I   have one of my local, real life, tech angel friends coming over tonight or tomorrow to fix.

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    Have a good weekend, everybody, see ya on the flip side!

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