Only The Village Still Cares What Republicans Think

They have not just become the Party Of No….they have become the Party Of No One Cares.

Except for the pundits, talking heads, spin masters, and overly insulated “makers of opinion” in The Beltway Village.

And that is only because they have made their living for the last eight (to forty) years supporting, enabling and licking the boots of the most powerful…..but wrongest….politicians in DC.

One must admit that they are impressive. As we have watched them stretch, contort, morph and pretezelize themselves and any principles or integrity they might have at one time had in order to pander to and excuse a group of stupid incompetent, hate and fear filled old white men as they ruined everything and plunged us into a moral abyss, one cannot help but marvel at their…..flexibility.

Of course it helps, as they have obviously learned, to just not think to much.

And with Bush in power, they didn’t have to.

It would be different if they were actually doing the jobs that they were supposed to do. To analyze and critique and ultimately to hold accountable those in power, in the most powerful and dangerous country on earth.

But that, to their limited minds, is not their job. Their job is keeping their job. To keep their job they have to convince people that they are valuable. To be a valuable Villager, you need access. To have and keep access you need to have favor. The favor of the aforementioned stupid incompetent, hate and fear filled old white men.

In this case, in the travesty of the last eight years of war, torture, intolerance, financial corruption and collapse which they so ably enabled, their job became very easy.

Which is the only reason they could do it at all well.

Frank Luntz and Karl Rove would basically do their homework for them, and then all they had to do was copy it out in what amounts to their own handwriting and then…..they could go to lunch. Secure in the fact that their jobs were secure.

This is good news and bad news, for the people like us who actually…… About more than lunch.

The bad news is the last eight years.

Thanks guys, how is your veal?

The good news is that after a few more months of grinding the stiff and rusty and nearly unused clutches and gears in their atrophied and besotted “brains”….they will start to do the same thing when it comes to Obama. One day soon they will wake up….we fervently hope…and see which side of the bread the butter is on and will reluctantly start to enable Obama in the same sycophantic job preserving manner they did with Bush. Rocking the boat just gets you wet, if you are a Villager. They will morph again.

The bad…BAD news in all of this is that there is another group of people, even more corrupt, if you can imagine that, who also no longer cares what the Party of No On Cares thinks.


As Senator Durbin recently said in a fit of frustration that led to a rare spasm of honesty in a politician….The banks own the Senate.

But of course…it is not just the banks. It is all of the industries that have something to lose if the government is taken away from the corporate interests….The Ruling Class….and given back to the People.

The Insurance companies that are fighting health care own the Senate. The Pollution lobby that is fighting the fight against saving the planet owns the Senate. The Military Industrial Complex that is fighting against peace owns the Senate. And they will now turn their sights away from the ineffective and powerless Republicans and set them on the Blue Dogs and the unscrupulous politicians. And it will work. Because just like the Villagers, the politicians just want to keep their jobs too, also.

So now the lobbyists will be targeting Democrats, and since money is what makes politics run and what allows politicians to keep their jobs….they will succeed.

THAT is the bad news. And that is the next fight to save our government, to save the planet, and to bring about peace.

Public Financing, REAL lobbying reform, exposing the corruption that we all know lies just below the surface. we need to take the steps that will buy our government back from the lobbyists and ensure that our politicians work for Us not Them.

The Republicanos es Muerte, and the upcoming torture investigations (that we still need to pressure for) will be the nail in their coffin. Conservatism is bankrupt. The next step in saving the planet building a new world upon it is defeating the corporate interests, the Villagers who enable them, and striking fear into the hearts of the politicians who go wherever the wind…and by wind I mean money….blows. It will be easy to spot them….THEY will now be the ones saying NO to Progress, and saying yes to the lobbyists lucre.

Gird your loins, sharpen your swords and polish your lenses. The real fight is about to start.


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  1. Photobucket

    is the face of the new one.

    (Sorry Ben!)

  2. David Simon (former reporter for the Baltimore Sun and creator of HBO’s “The Wire) testified in the Senate this week about the state of journalism in this country.

    He’s not a big fan of “citizen journalism,” but I think he makes a good case for why/how some of this happened.

  3. who’s gonna tell markos?

    ~ sorry ~ I just clicked over to the GOS Front Page there a second ago, then again after I glanced at your Essay Title. {shaking my head}

    Yes, you’re absolutely right.

    But… “polish your lenses”? ! ? lol. Okay, if you say so, Boss!

    I just don’t see anybody but you, buhdy, calling for CHANGE like this, on this level, even though the need is obvious as hell. But it seems like a lot of people would really rather whine or mock or analyze or  pontificate. Who’s ready to actually DO Something?

    (PS, I dont have any money.)

  4. … was seeing the Special Prosecutor effort go from the internet to the regular media — seeing Obama being asked a question on torture that Bob Fertik generated, seeing Holder respond to the petition.  That was something new in my experience.

    It’s a tricky equation, though.  I remember a while back when Clinton invited a bunch of bloggers to talk with him.  Everyone accepted — except one blogger, Steve Gilliard — he felt he would be compromised by that kind of access.  I think too many journalists have obviously been completely compromised because of this very phenomenon.

    So as we need to break through to the media on the one hand, we also need to beware of the pitfalls of losing our own objectivity on the other.

    • Edger on May 8, 2009 at 10:54


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