kos gets it right

Ah yes, us loony bloggers, fighting for universal health care, to protect social security, to keep our government from unconstitutionally spying on us, and to promote a sane foreign policy that doesn’t unnecessarily cost us blood and treasure. You know, loony things supported by a majority of the (apparently also loony) American people.

Here’s what too many people still don’t understand — there’s nothing loony about the netroots. This isn’t fertile territory for the McKinneys and Kuciniches of our party. This is fertile territory for the Howard Deans of our party — sensible, pragmatic progressives who aren’t afraid to be Democrats. Why? Because we’re the nation. We’re not clustered in DC and NYC, we’re spread out over all 50 states, and we know better than anyone what it takes to win in our own backyards.

We didn’t rally around Webb, Tester, Schweitzer, Trauner, Brown, Massa, Burner and so many other moderate Democrats because they were little Kucinich clones, but because they were perfectly suited for the states and districts they seek to represent. It’s that simple. Howard Dean wasn’t an anomaly. He was our ideal.

We are not the elites, we are America, and we’re situated squarely in its ideological center. We proved it in 2006, and we’ll prove it again next week.


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  1. Well…

    He’s wrong about Kucinich.

  2. over Webb any day.

    • kj on October 28, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    McCaskill.  which doesn’t surprise me.  

    • ctrenta on October 28, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    …some of the great work the Progressive Democrats of America are doing. They’re electing great progressives as well. Keith Ellison is an excellent example. He’s been a great progressive in congress and the Netroots SHOULD be fertile territory for those not necessarily in line with the Deans of the Democratic Party.

    That doesn’t mean it was a bad post by Kos. I still liked it.  

  3. Kos is a CIA affiliate. The CIA is an American agency whose function is self destruction. It’s an agency which seeks to suicide America.

    It’s a dumb agency filled with dumb people. Markos is dumb.

    What you people don’t seem to realize is that Biden….who imagines himself as Obama’s white guide…(Remember how he mentioned Obama was “clean”.) intends to invade Pakistan, Syria and Iran. Those are some of the “tough” decisions the administration will be making…assuming they are elected….

    The continuation of Bush’s policies.

    Biden is a hawk. Obama is less of a hawk. But Obama votes to fund wars that he says he opposes.

    There isn’t much difference between McCain and Biden or Obama….there is a difference between Truth Tellers Nader and Mckinney who everyone makes fun of…because everyone is so “Saavy”, so politically “astute” and “pragmatic”.

    Pragmatism has brought you the great depression II and now the endless wars in the mideast, a corporate oligarchy and a government that is literally stealing your money from your pocket, reducing the quality of life….all because YOU PEOPLE want to believe in people who LIE like Obama, McCain and Biden….and you make fun of people who tell the truth….Like McKinney and Nader.

    Your not intelligent, your not clever, your not politically astute…you stooges….fools….imbeciles ….insensitive to 1 million dead Iraqi’s and supportive of Arab Killers like Biden, Obama, McCain and Bush….because they support Bush’s poliicies.

    Your horrifically naive and backward. Your not Street Smart….Your pure country….backwoods thinkers…like Markos Moulitsas who supports the CIA…

    I mean C’mon…anyone who associates with the CIA is posion.

    But you people keep looking past that.

  4. DKos is the center it is not the looney left. I am a looney lefty and damn proud of it. When I first came to the net I quickly learned about coalitions and actual politics. I may not like where the center is but it is what it is and in the 6 years I’ve been online I have watched that center change.

    I worked via moveon for Webb even though I personally find him appalling ideologically. I started out a Deaniac and he too is not my ideological match but I knew he offered progress and reality. The Overton Window is slowly being opened. The pragmatic politics of the 50 state strategy realizes that you run with what the regions can accept. Kos is another centrist I may rail at his politics but he embodies the best route to get the country out of the vice grip of the far right.

    Last night Campbell Brown described Oberman as ‘far left’ the equivalent of O’Rielly on the left. Lordy the traditional media has no interest in where the center lies they are simply pimps for the right’s version of America. I know that the Democrats need the liberals we are the heart and conscience of the pragmatism. We also need the pragmatic pols who know how to work the system as it stands for now.          

  5. How unlike Dean is he?

  6. only if we are interested in power.  As long as we are interested in ‘more and better’ Democrats, he is right.  As long as we are happy to stay within the current system, and don’t seek to buck the system, he is right.

    The question is: If we seek to change the society for the better, which I don’t think the current system will allow, is his being right what’s best for us?

  7. prevented me from promoting Ron Paul one the “progressive” boards the next best choice was Dennis.

    It is the Howard Dean’s of the party that are the problem and not the solution.  Yeah we did “win” in 2006, but not.

    Mainstream is the problem as it is full of gatekeepers.  Yes it is a basic anti-Illuminati concept.


    Of course there are rightgatekeepers too and both serve their corporate masters.

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