Countdown: 604800!

One week! One short, but now infinitely long, week to go! Seven days, or 168 Hours, 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds!!!

But however you count it, it is gonna be a bad, BAD week to be a Republican!

So Where are YOU at, one week out? How do you feel? What are you seeing? What is striking you, as we stand poised here, on the brink of history? Or as the recent brilliant Obama ad asked…..Wassup?

After 8 long years, we are about to take the first step out of this long national nightmare and into the future. Good news for the world and for all thinking caring people, except for the few remaining thinking caring people people who call themselves Republicans. Their party has been shattered by the minority of war mongering, torturing, intolerant racists and homophobes who have put their self interests over the interest of not just the nation and the world, but over the interests of their own party. That minority was allowed, by the majority of thinking caring people in the Republican party, to hijack it, as they stood by and watched. And did nothing. Did not speak up to repudiate or rein in the war mongering, torturing, intolerant racists and homophobes as they took over the party and due to the inaction and support of the thinking caring Republicans, took over and completely SCREWED our country and the world.

I have a certain amount of sympathy for them. The brand of semi-disguised creeping fascism they allowed to permeate their party is tough to call out in its nascent form. No one LIKES to call out their own side. But sometimes you have to. And I hope that they have learned from this, that the few responsible people that still have the guts to identify with the party that gave us the worst President ever, that gave us eight years of war and torture and hatred and intolerance and divided us as a country into two sides of a running firefight of a culture war…..can take their party back from the fundamentalist extremists that THEY allowed to take power. I have sympathy for them and wish them luck in reclaiming their party from the Talibaptists.

But I have no sympathy at all…. at all for the others. They are about to reap what they have sown, and as….

….all I can say is goodbye and good riddance. DO NOT come back!


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  1. And in the typically eloquent words of your Glorious Leader…

    Take this with you!


    • kj on October 28, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    gave into my ego’s desire for a huge, important, record-worthy carbon footprint!  stop in!  leave a comment for posterity!  or for a carbon-recorded print of posterior! 10,000 *Dharmananics

    • Robyn on October 28, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    I was asked to publish No Hate in Friday morning’s WGLB-TV at Daily Kos.  So I will apologize now if Friday evening’s piece is substandard.

    Bone tired,


  2. You’ve joined up with the drape measuring crowd?  Well, this election won’t be over ’til the hot lady sings!  And I’ll be singing “Hail to the Chief” to the nation’s Number One Maverick, John McCain.

    Our message of More of the Same Change Country First Kill Our Enemies No Socialism Get Out You Mexicans is beginning to catch fire with those hard-working folks out in the real America.  Remember how Dewey beat Truman despite the liberal media?  Get ready for another President Dewey!  

  3. “better Republicans” up here in the tundra in the form of our former Governor Arne Carlson, who just recently endorsed Obama.

    Former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on Thursday, saying Obama represented the best hope for an America facing an economic crisis and criticizing Republicans for waging a mean-spirited campaign that has “been going down all these side roads.”…

    Carlson had a strained relationship with his own party, including being officially reprimanded for his support of a gay rights group’s fundraising effort.

    “I think we have in Barack Obama the clear possibility of a truly great president,” he said. “I would contend that it’s the most important election of my lifetime.”

    I’m proud to say that I voted for Carlson (the only time I’ve voted for a Republican since I “woke up”) when he ran against anti-choice Rudy Perpich. There are a few decent ones.

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