America’s Payroll, America’s Interests

Be excellent to each other.

I take that to heart.

I also take to heart the futures of my children and of my country.

That is why I think it is extremely important that Americans become more thoroughly aware of people who have been extremely influential in shaping American foreign policy in the Middle East, and who are striving mightily to keep America in the same unbalanced situation, particularly vis a vis Israel and Iran, that the US is in today.

One such person is Dennis Ross.  Ira Glunts has surveyed Ross’s career as a diplomat being paid by US taxpayers, while deftly advantaging Israel and simultaneously embroiling the United States in costly, bloody, and morally destructive relationships with other nations and peoples in Israel’s neighborhood who used to be America’s friends, allies, and partners.

First, who is Ira Glunts, second, what did he say about Ross, and third, what other involvement has Ross had in US-Middle East affairs?

It is an indication of the unfortunate state of how Americans must create wiggle room to discuss America’s relationship with Israel and advocates for Israel in the United States that it is necessary to start off with a kind of disclaimer:  Ira Glunts is a Jew. Dennis Ross is a Jew.  Israel’s self definition is as a Jewish state.  None of that should matter in the least to a rational assessment of the facts of America’s relationship with states in the rest of the world; as James Glassman (also a Jew), minister of propaganda for the US has said, it is not the job of the propaganda minister to make America loved in the world; it is rather, to further America’s interests.  I would change the emphasis a bit:  the job of any and every person paid by American taxpayers to represent America is to represent America, her interests, her values, and her Constitutional principles.  Ira Glunts