Sponsors Matter – 23 July 2008

I guess this is Episode I or Volume I or whatever. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m well past outrage. That tank ran empty a ways back. I had hopes for Obama and the Constitution but I guess I’m just stuck with an over-fondness for basic human rights. Meanwhile, the propaganda machine goes on spewing its excrement everywhere and it’s gotten so that you just can’t avoid it anymore. Bottomline, like we used to say back in the day, there is some shit I will not eat!

I volunteered in an earlier response to an FP essay today to record O’Reilly tonight and compile a list of his sponsors with contact info. The idea is that we can share that input to output our feelings to the Uhmerican and otherwise corporations that pay Fox News Corpse and its deviant trolls to display their ignorance and arrogance whilst spewing their excremental effluence. (Run that one by BillO for translation.)

So, apologies for missing the first set of commercials (I’ll be taping the 11:00 re-run and will UPDATE if someone out there can pass along the secret of how to do that.) The commercials went like this:

8:12 EDT

DirectTV   directtv.com

ExxonMobil   exxonmobil.com

BMW   bmwusa.com

Capital One capitalone.com

Keep reading and writing and calling, please:


Comfort Suites   choicehotels.com

We   wecansolveit.org (cognitive dissonance – ~OO~)

Sunsetter Awning   sunsetter.com  800 517 1889 (free DVD and sales stuff; fake addresses?)

Erickson Retirement   erickson.com   800 883 1905



Progressive Car Insrance   progressive.com

Expedia  .com

J. M. Eagle   jmeagle.com (973) 535-1633 (planet’s largest plastic pipe producer)

Hertz   .com

Levitra   .com   a product of Bayer AG – bayer.com


Volvo   volvocars.com

Lending Tree   lendingtree.com   800 555 TREE (8733)

Joseph A. Banks josbank.com

Florida Orange Juice floridajuice.com

Aqua Globes   buyaquaglobes.com 800 875 3459 (plant watering work-of-art globes???)


Head&Shoulders   headandshoulders.com – by Procter&Gamble pg.com


some local stuff for the Plymouth Bay area


 Duxbury Jewelers

 BMW Norwell/Norwood

Sleepy’s Mattresses   sleepys.com   (en espanol, tambien, por los pobres)


Nationwide Car Insurance   nationwide.com

Bayer Aspirin   wonderdrug.com (unlike Bayer Heroin[tm], not making this up!)

Mercedes C300   mbusa.com

Merril Lynch (Bullshitting America one customer at a time, RUKind) 800-MERRILL

Pasta n’ More   pastanmore.com   800 461 3147 (pasta cooking work-of-art things)

So that’s what I have for tonight’s episode. I was running late due to horrific T-storms with tornado warnings (umm, not normal here on Cape Cod Bay). This is coincident with a hurricane named D going ashore today in TX. A “D” on July 23? We might run the alphabet this year.

The game plan from here would be to raise as much hell as possible for the assholes who hand their money to Fox and particularly for those who choose to support the likes of Bill O’Reilly. I’ll do the same tomorrow night and on and on. If it catches on then great. If not, then at least an attempt was made to hit these assholes in the only place it actually hurts them – their wallets.

I actually watched BillO while I was having my evening meal tonight – even the eight minutes with Dick Morris. Didn’t know I could do that. I guess it was some sort of personal growth moment.

Volunteers invited to expand to Chris Matthews, Hannity, Duecy, etc. Maybe some gfx design type to punch up the format. RiaD had a nice idea of “form” letters for outrage.

”If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.”  Clayton Williams (R-TX) while running against Ste. Ann Richards (wrt rape); I guess I just can’t relax.



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    • RUKind on July 24, 2008 at 05:21

    Or is it just a prick? 😉

  1. …as an appetite suppressant?  …in preparation for “bulimic purging”?  …as some sort of masochistic self-torture?

    RUKind, you. are. tough.  😉

    And again, thanks for doing this!

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