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Sponsors Matter – 24 July 2008

Take two. Second night. Why do I feel like smashing a pale pumpkin? Drop it off a high-rise and YouTube it. The last thing to go through his mind would be his asshole. But wait! Given the seemingly permanent rectal-cranial inversion wouldn’t that…? I’d like to see that German victory phallic column shoved up next to his head.

I bet Laura Ingraham could deep throat it. Misspell/mispell on her book title. Should be “Power to the Poople”. Watching this is like the closing scene in Clockwork Orange where the main character is getting desensitized to porn. Tied down, toothpick propped eyelids, electro-shock feedback. Fuck the Arctic Ice Cap. I have some Hudson Bay shorefront I can sell you at a steal. Polar bear free, too. You’re all Arctic foxes in the dead of winter. Don’t forget to smile.


Nissan Altima   nissanusa.com

We   wecansolveit.org   ~OO~

Aqua Globes   buyaquaglobes.com 800 875 3459 (portable enema, Bill?)

Advair   advaircopd.com (Hey! I use that! The new low dose is a $50 co-pay. The old dosage is $20. I’m paying a lot more for a lot less. Can anyone explain how that works?)

Alexis Glick and Terry Keenan. Looks like BillO has some new phone-sex ‘bos on Fox Biz. Cute, BillO takes out MSNBCs trash on GE and Disney doing Iran biz. Immelt and Eisner are evil. Woo-hoo! And their companies and networks suck! GE and Disney stock are down. Coincidence?


Terminix   terminix.com   Now there’s a handy service we can use.

Merfeces-Benz   mbusa.com

Viagra   viagra.com   Happy 10th anniversary! See ad in Golf Magazine! patent7yrs2go

Erickson Retirement   erickson.com   800 883 1905

Cabot Cheese   shopcabot.com   Jeez! Always wanted to open up a wine and cheese shop – Cheeses H!

Megyn Kelly. I’m starting to see a pattern here. Blonde. Lots of make-up. Youngish. Porn! Blurred out boobs! Hustler cover. Wonder if it was Bill’s personal copy or if he got Fox to buy it for him. Random Fox – Sticky Fingers was a great album, wasn’t it?

Wild horseshit…

Sponsors Matter – 23 July 2008

I guess this is Episode I or Volume I or whatever. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m well past outrage. That tank ran empty a ways back. I had hopes for Obama and the Constitution but I guess I’m just stuck with an over-fondness for basic human rights. Meanwhile, the propaganda machine goes on spewing its excrement everywhere and it’s gotten so that you just can’t avoid it anymore. Bottomline, like we used to say back in the day, there is some shit I will not eat!

I volunteered in an earlier response to an FP essay today to record O’Reilly tonight and compile a list of his sponsors with contact info. The idea is that we can share that input to output our feelings to the Uhmerican and otherwise corporations that pay Fox News Corpse and its deviant trolls to display their ignorance and arrogance whilst spewing their excremental effluence. (Run that one by BillO for translation.)

So, apologies for missing the first set of commercials (I’ll be taping the 11:00 re-run and will UPDATE if someone out there can pass along the secret of how to do that.) The commercials went like this:

8:12 EDT

DirectTV   directtv.com

ExxonMobil   exxonmobil.com

BMW   bmwusa.com

Capital One capitalone.com

Keep reading and writing and calling, please: