Breast Cancer and, Yup, The Illuminati…

More in the ever increasing evidence arsenal that the global business network I call “The Illuminati” does in fact have “de facto” control of the world. This example comes from the medical field but clearly illustrates how government and business are having an orgy, at our expense of course.

Even as far back as 1993 I had heard that Europe allows 3 food additives while the US allowed 3000.  I don’t know if this is actually true but this article says Europe has banned 1100 known carcinogens found in American products.    During my expat assignment all of us got sick two weeks into the whole ordeal and I now attribute that with a “detox” period.  So why does the US sell products with known carcinogens.  The rationale?  In Europe the constituency is European citizens as health care in Europe is paid for by the government.  In America the constituency is big business and the big money is to be had in a cancer diagnosis.

I intended to write more and include specific and appropriate excerpts from the article and how wide dissemination of this information might just might open the door for others questioning the “Holy” attributes of the US establishment.  I am though on “the computer at work” and what a brain dead piece of limited internet bandwidth it is.  I thought it best to get this out now as tonight we have an Apocalyptic horse riding/family party night planned.  Some of my brothers in spirit are claiming we have about 90 days before really noticable food shortages appear.  I would go and get the other links but Seig Heil IT only gives me one window at a time.

For yet more examples of Illuminati/corpo-fascism get David Rothkopf’s Superclass.


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    • RiaD on May 17, 2008 at 14:49

    ‘the green pharmacy herbal handbook’ by james a. duke…you might be interested in…

  1. the truth?

    Look forward to your next installment, thanks!


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