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It Is What It Is


Jury Duty was interesting. I did not get “picked”, in fact I was not even culled into a “To Be Picked” Pool at all. Thank goodness for Friday. Weather is gorgeous,too. Great day for riding the bus. lol.

So. I found the whole experience to be very interesting, monitoring my own thoughts and reactions to things. For starters, I brought along my book… Bob Thurman, Inner Revolution… so I read this Buddhism stuff basically, while sitting there all morning. And listened to their usual schpeal they give.. its a duty and a privilege to serve. Well, I happen to agree but I know I’m weird, I also find it quite interesting, the times before when I’ve sat through Voir Dire and all. In Texas, they say: “voy dyer”. Is that just here? Cuz I say “vwah deer”. And the TV… funny. The guy rambled on and told the story of the various channels they’ve tried only to “vote them off the island”, i.e. CNN, Fox, C-SPAN, and another one. They’ve settled on now the Travel Channel.

Anyway. It’s no big deal, no real inconvenience, for me to go to Jury Duty. I never try to “get out of it” as friends always seem to urge you to do. My biggest thing is my fear of being selected to serve on some big scary important case. Or even a small important case. Lot of responsibility. I mean, that could be OPOL up there. Or Meteor Blades. Or you, or you. Or me. Fortunately, I was not required to confront those fears today.

As I sat there this morning, listening to their pep talk pitch and thinking of all the citizenship things that have been floating around my head lately, and mostly hoping to NOT get picked, I landed on: It is what it is.

Meme Over: Jose Padilla in the Ministry Of Love, USA

     Fact: Of the 3 people who the Bush/Cheney Regime admits to waterboarding, American citizen Jose Padilla, who is accused of planning to obtain and detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in the USA has been imprisoned on American soil since May 8, 2002. They even put him on trial here. His case was heard by the Supreme Court, the highest court in the empire.

    The strange thing is, the WMD that Padilla was accused of seeking was never found, have yet to surface and can not be proven through evidence.

    That whole evidence thing isn’t such a big deal though since we have denied American citizen Jose Padilla his Constitutional rights to a trial by jury.

    Oh. About Jose Padilla. Did I mention he is almost certainly insane by now? 7 years of solitary confinement, torture and long periods of induced sensory deprivation will do that to a person over time, give or take a few years.

Mr. President, Have I Been Rolled On Torture?

Mr. President, have I been rolled? I write today to ask this question, because it is truly, critically important to me as a citizen and a voter. All my life I have derided single issue voters, after all can’t they see that there is a bigger picture beyond their issue? That they find it compelling and are sincere in their commitment is not in doubt, but there has to be a balancing of the issues in any democracy. Now, I find myself in the position of being a single issue voter. It is due to the fact that there is finally an issue that is so overriding, so critical to the very notion of what it means for all of us to be Americans that I find myself in this position. That issue, Mr. President, is the extra legal holding, rendition and torture of prisoners in the so-called War on Terror.