Meme Over: Jose Padilla in the Ministry Of Love, USA

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     Fact: Of the 3 people who the Bush/Cheney Regime admits to waterboarding, American citizen Jose Padilla, who is accused of planning to obtain and detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in the USA has been imprisoned on American soil since May 8, 2002. They even put him on trial here. His case was heard by the Supreme Court, the highest court in the empire.

    The strange thing is, the WMD that Padilla was accused of seeking was never found, have yet to surface and can not be proven through evidence.

    That whole evidence thing isn’t such a big deal though since we have denied American citizen Jose Padilla his Constitutional rights to a trial by jury.

    Oh. About Jose Padilla. Did I mention he is almost certainly insane by now? 7 years of solitary confinement, torture and long periods of induced sensory deprivation will do that to a person over time, give or take a few years.

‘Do you know where you are, Winston?’ he said.

‘I don’t know. I can guess. In the Ministry of Love.’

‘Do you know how long you have been here?’

‘I don’t know. Days, weeks, months — I think it is months.’

‘And why do you imagine that we bring people to this place?’

‘To make them confess.’

‘No, that is not the reason. Try again.’

‘To punish them.’

‘No!’ exclaimed O’Brien. His voice had changed extraordinarily, and his face had suddenly become both stern and animated. ‘No! Not merely to extract your confession, not to punish you. Shall I tell you why we have brought you here? To cure you! To make you sane! Will you understand, Winston, that no one whom we bring to this place ever leaves our hands uncured? We are not interested in those stupid crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them. Do you understand what I mean by that?’

1984 by George Orwell


    Unprovable claims about WMD’s make me think of something, but even though it is on the tip of my tongue I can’t think of it right now. Damn, don’t you hate that? Of course, by the time I remember it will not make a difference. Don’t you hate it when that happens.

    About Padilla.

    Jose Padilla is the U.S. citizen who supposedly plotted to detonate a “dirty bomb.” Since his capture — not on the battlefields of Afghanistan or Iraq, but at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport — he has not been charged with any crime. Yet, for more than a year, Padilla has been held incommunicado in a South Carolina military brig.


    Essentially, on orders of the executive branch, anyone could wind up imprisoned by the military with no way to assert his innocence.

Cato Institute

    South Carolina you say? I wonder if Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Secession) knew anything about this at the time?

    While imprisoned in South Carolina, Jose Padilla was unable to escape, unable to spread terrorism among other inmates, and unable to use the Constitutional rights granted to him and all American citizens under the Bill Of Rights.

    Consider these Meme’s Dead and Buried.

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  1. and the rule of law.

    There is such a thing as precedent, and if it could happen to Jose, it could happen to you.

    If we got to see some evidence . . .

    Instead they hide behind state secrets.

    Ignorance is Strength  

  2. but that doesn’t fix the gross procedural errors that have occurred in the case.

    There are plenty of other prisoners out there who have pled out under duress. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  3. Forms of ill treatment during captivity that do not involve physical pain-such as psychological manipulation, deprivation, humiliation and forced stress positions-appear to cause as much mental distress and traumatic stress as physical torture, according to a report in the March issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

    Most widely accepted definitions of torture encompass both physical and mental pain and suffering, according to background information in the article. “After reports of human rights abuses by the U.S. military in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan, a U.S. Defense Department working group report on detainee interrogations and a U.S. Justice Department memorandum on U.S. torture policy argued for a fairly narrow definition of torture that excludes mental pain and suffering caused by various acts that do not cause severe physical pain,” the study authors write. The detention and interrogation procedures that are excluded from this definition include blindfolding and hooding, forced nudity, isolation and psychological manipulations.

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