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Lest we forget what we celbrate tomorrow…

All hail the three wise men:

Santa Baby, let’s talk

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Santa, honey, last year you left a wonderful CD for me, a two-disc set, “The Very Best of Eartha Kitt,” which includes not one, but two, versions of “Santa, Baby.” Now Santa, you know Eartha had something to say, sort of a “let’s get real talk,” so leave a little time for a chat as you sweep by for cookies and milk tonight.

An honest chat. It doesn’t have to be long. I know you’re busy. I’ll be truthful and I’ll keep it short, I promise. (I’m too mature for sweet. We’ll let it go at that.)

I’ve thought long and hard about this gift business, and I almost sent word for you to skip my house this year. We give too much business, anyway, to the corporate lords. But something stopped me from mentally telegraphing that message to you.

reading in the raw… The Night Before Christmas

narrated by pfiore8

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here it is… Clement Clarke Moore’s The Night Before Christmas


Some call me Jesus

NOTE:  Reading Kid Oakland’s beautiful diary yesterday (which is still on the rec list at dkos as I write this) made me think of this diary originally posted September 3rd, 2006.  Given the timeliness I hope you will forgive the repost.  ~ OPOL

Some call me Jesus…

Others call me Yeshua, others the Son of Man.  By any name I am who I am.

Lately it has come to my attention that I have been swiftboated by a gang of lowly sinners who march under the banner of the Christian Right.  They have obfuscated my teachings and associated my name with the terrible sins of war profiteering, torture, and the dropping of bombs on innocents and children.  And those are just the beginnings of their transgressions.  With your permission, I would like to take this opportunity to set a few things straight.

DISCLAIMER:  Please forgive my hubris.  No offense is intended to anyone’s religion, or lack thereof – just a little creative channeling of the Blessed Redeemer on a Sunday morning (actually, just a few things I’ve been wanting to get off my chest re: the ‘Religious Right’).  Any heresy or error included herein is my own.  I don’t really speak for the Creator – or his family.  Oh, and apologies to pastordan for veering recklessly into his territory.  ~ OPOL  🙂  

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12 Days of Christmas, Docudharma Style

Hey, we’re back with the final version of Docudharma’s 12 Days of Christmas. Most of the lyrics have come from Rusty1776 and On The Bus. If you have lyrics, leave them in the comments… so please join in!!! But first, I’m re-posting Frank Kelly’s 12 Days of Christmas because I think it’s just hysterical. I’m laughing as i try to embed this… really and truly… this is great.

Audioblog: Seasonal

I heard from a little bird a request we do some Holiday Cheer stuff here at Docudharma.

Well, I don’t know how cheery this is, but it is one of my favorite spiritual prayer/songs.  Ava Maria.  The Shubert version.  I read he wrote this in devotion to the Virgin Mary when he was a young man.  The melody is one of the loveliest I have ever heard.

But I also think about Mary (in my own idiosyncratic way).  She may have been a young girl when she gave birth to Jesus, but when he was crucified, she was no longer young.  If she was 16 when she gave birth, then 33 years later she was 48.

To watch your son die just when you are entering middle age and facing your own mortality, that is a story in itself,  I think.

Anyway, enough of my odd meanderings.  Here is my version, just a fragment of the song as I couldn’t find lyrics which would teach me the entire version.  As usual, please remember to turn the volume down, or the distortion won’t be purty.

So, a fragment of Ava Maria.  Merry Christmas to all, in the real spirit of the holiday.

Gabcast! Auld Manhattoe #5

Pony Party! WWFSMVF? Yo-ho! R’men! w/poll

Yes, indeed.  It’s the single most important issue of the campaign!  It’s the single most sought after endorsement of the year!  It’s the question of the ages: Who Would Flying Spaghetti Monster Vote For?

Follow his noodly appendage below the break!

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