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Bush’s revenge: Cheney exposed

A new plot possibility is becoming evident in the final fade-out of the Bush administration. The rift between Bush and Cheney, who have spoken only once since Obama took office, may be explained by the tardy realization on the part of Bush that he was played for a fool by Cheney. In his last sorry months in office, Bush may finally have realized that uncle Dick ruined his Presidency, his family name, and his place in history.

But payback is a bitch, especially when dealing with someone as mean and vindictive as Junior Bush. I believe that Cheney was rebuffed by Bush in the final days – not just in the matter of pardoning Libby, but that he was denied blanket pardons of Bush’s whole sick crew, including Cheney, Addington, Libbey, the torture lawyers, and the rest of the Bush White House gangsters who might face prosecution. In short, Bush has left Cheney twisting in the wind. This explains both Bush’s low profile since leaving the White House, and Cheney’s frequent CYA appearances. Cheney is fighting desperately to avoid being dragged into a criminal prosecution with no chance of a Presidential pardon. Cheney’s position is now very vulnerable. He was always a master of back-room maneuvering under the protection of a powerful public figure. Now he must fend for himself, and with each ugly, defiant display of his demeanor, he invites the prosecutors to draw nearer.

I believe that there may be enough surviving documents, emails, and supportable recollections to send Dick Cheney to prison for war crimes. Convicting Cheney would be a fitting repudiation of the loathsome Bush era if Bush was nothing more than a sad little puppet dangling from Cheney’s strings. Perhaps the puppet will have his revenge.

Important Actions Needed Right Now! Includes Bush Pardoning Himself . . .!! (Update)

From The People’s E-mail Network (“The Pen”):

Congress Must Debate The Implications Of A Bush Self-Pardon

Many people have been asking us, “Could Bush actually pardon himself?”.  Would it be despicable?  Sure it would.  Would it be shameless and cowardly?  Yes, that and that too.  But all those adjectives fit Bush like O.J.’s glove before it shrunk from being soaked completely in blood.  Which means he is absolutely is planning on doing it.

And only impeachment could stop it.  We need to talk about this.  We need Congress to talk about this.  And Congress is in session this week, so we need you to speak out this week while there is still time.

Impeach Now Action Page:  

Tens of thousands of you submitted the action page on this last week.  Do it again.  Please speak out again while we still can.  There is already a drum beat in the right wing media calling on Bush to pardon his whole administration.  Only our voices can raise the price of such action so that there would be real consequences.

We have not given up, and will never give up hope on justice.  We will be taking delivery of another huge shipment of the “Impeach Both!!!” caps that are still so popular.  But this might be the last batch.  So if you want to demonstrate your support for impeachment, please request yours now from the return page of the action page submission.

Impeach Now Action Page

Will Congress now act?  That is not the yardstick of the worth of our activism.  We speak out because we must speak out, whether we are heeded or not.  Let history record that we spoke out until the last minute to the eternal shame of those who did not.  Because when enough of us speak out at once, the worst thing that can possibly happen is that we are building the progressive base for the REAL change of the future.

So Bush most certainly is planning on pardoning himself.  And all the right wing lock down ideologues in the corporate controlled media will call it “healing”.  Let’s all make nice with war criminals?  Shall we all make nice with the gang rape of our economy, our environment and our Constitution?  We think not.

And one more thing.  You know that come January 20th the right wing will start calling for the impeachment of our new president, over a endless litany of the most ridiculous of trivial trifles.  In fact it has already started even though he has not even taken office.  If they are so hot on impeaching someone, let them speak out now, when it truly is called for, or shut the hell up in 65 days.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

There’s more!  

Turkey in Chief

Turkeys have played a propaganda role throughout the glorious Bush years.

Who of us could forget the time when Commander Guy flew unannounced to Iraq for a photo-op as he served plastic turkey to U.S. troops?