Bush’s revenge: Cheney exposed

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A new plot possibility is becoming evident in the final fade-out of the Bush administration. The rift between Bush and Cheney, who have spoken only once since Obama took office, may be explained by the tardy realization on the part of Bush that he was played for a fool by Cheney. In his last sorry months in office, Bush may finally have realized that uncle Dick ruined his Presidency, his family name, and his place in history.

But payback is a bitch, especially when dealing with someone as mean and vindictive as Junior Bush. I believe that Cheney was rebuffed by Bush in the final days – not just in the matter of pardoning Libby, but that he was denied blanket pardons of Bush’s whole sick crew, including Cheney, Addington, Libbey, the torture lawyers, and the rest of the Bush White House gangsters who might face prosecution. In short, Bush has left Cheney twisting in the wind. This explains both Bush’s low profile since leaving the White House, and Cheney’s frequent CYA appearances. Cheney is fighting desperately to avoid being dragged into a criminal prosecution with no chance of a Presidential pardon. Cheney’s position is now very vulnerable. He was always a master of back-room maneuvering under the protection of a powerful public figure. Now he must fend for himself, and with each ugly, defiant display of his demeanor, he invites the prosecutors to draw nearer.

I believe that there may be enough surviving documents, emails, and supportable recollections to send Dick Cheney to prison for war crimes. Convicting Cheney would be a fitting repudiation of the loathsome Bush era if Bush was nothing more than a sad little puppet dangling from Cheney’s strings. Perhaps the puppet will have his revenge.


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    • Edger on April 24, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    whether out of stupidity or not, appears to have been not only a sad little puppet dangling from Cheney’s strings, but willingly a sad little puppet dangling from Cheney’s strings. Cheney and PNAC may have manipulated Bush into being their “button man”, but Bush willingly pulled the trigger.

    Let them share a cell.

    • Viet71 on April 24, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    was a mere puppet, but have believed the fucks pulling his strings were fairly well hidden deep in the shadows.

  1. does not have the intellect to make tough decisions on his own. Cheney was able to take advantage of this weakness to wrestle presidential power from the timid and trusting Bush.

    From the very beginning, in 2000 when he was selecting his running mate, the man tasked with vetting the Vice candidate chose,…who else? –  HIMSELF.

    How fucking convenient, a Bush H.W. leftover from twenty years ago, the man that defended the decision not to invade Iraq by prognosticating a civil war and a long arduous occupation. Wish he had taken his own advice, but I suppose the deciderer would not be counseled on this, once he had his 9-11 opportunity to seek his ultimate revenge.

    It is gratifying to watch Cheney twist in the wind. Karl Rove is probably safe, shit, even Bybee is probably going to get away with it, but the friction between deferment Dick and his “boss” was obvious as the lame duck refused to be played anymore in his last months in office.

    Reminds me of Nixon in the final years of his life, on a California beach, tossed to the wolves of history as the only President to have been forced to admit he committed crimes while in the White House.

    Those crimes seem to pale in comparison to torture, betrayal, unjustified war, treason, and war profiteering.

    How low is the bar set now?

  2. that I popped last night in a different essay here. what the hell.

    pulled this book off the shelf   (0.00 / 0)

    here, hub got it a while back, and we use it for reference sometimes but havent actually read it. IN.teresting.

    Cronies: How Texas Business Became American Policy– and Brought Bush to Power

    Didnt know that Hallbirton built Gitmo. (got the gov’t , pentagon?, contract)  around 1987? or before? not finding more detail, doesnt really matter tho. This book, now I have to read it, was pub. 2004.

    Pulling strings, Id say purse strings as much as power strings. “Follow the money”.

    so disgusting.

  3. I have a friend who is the grounds manager for the house of James A Baker, Bush 41 confidant and huge player in the old GOP establishment.

    He has been around Baker when allies such as Brent Scrowcroft and H Bush have visted. Baker lives in River Oaks, the ultra exclusive moneyed enclave in Houston TX.

    From occasional conversations with Baker he has learned that Bush 41 as well as Baker and others are furious and livid with Cheney. They feel he hi-jacked the W Bush presidency. Yea, they are all GOP oligarchs but interesting to see the fissures within the GOP hierarchy.

    ps….I changed the actual job title to protect my friend in case the slim chance this posting got back to River Oaks etc.

  4. Bush was a puppet, in measure.  But he was gung-ho for the war in Iraq, searching every possible means for justification to go there.  Jeb Bush is one of the signatories to the PNAC, as well as a number of others that became a part of the Bush Administration.  He was gung-ho for the “enhanced interrogations” — TORTURE.  

    Bush blew up frogs with firecrackers when he was a kid — even shot at his brothers with a BB gun.  He had a propensity for violence and destruction.  The Bush Dynasty now needs a scapegoat. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Gonzales, etc. were in this CRIME all together.  Sure, Cheney was probably the “mastermind” of most of what was done, but the rest of them certainly had no problems with what he offered — where was the opposition?  Find it!    

    • robodd on April 24, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    eight years he leaves Cheney unleashed–in light of everything he surely must have known.  Then he says, “well, it’s not my fault, Cheney steered me wrong.”  

    GW was the president.  But he was still a boy.  And he is now.  Still not taking responsibility.

    • rb137 on April 24, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    W will get a measure of good will from me when he does right by the people whose lives he ruined.

  5. …I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of W’s revenge.  OTOH, a pox on the whole creepy bunch of them.

    • geomoo on April 25, 2009 at 1:52 am

    Who better than Cheney.  Surely they knew from the beginning that W was just a figurehead.  I don’t believe for a minute that they thought he was anything but the fuck-up we all knew him to be.  Otoh, I’m intrigued by the theory of this diary.  It is so easy to imagine W screwing others over just for the hell of it.  Psychopaths don’t make good friends.

  6. I see things differently.  I am of the opinion that the shrub is just too lazy to bother speaking up.  He did his damage (and let’s not kid ourselves – he was every bit as complicit in war crimes, fully knowing what was going on, as any other member of the regime) and now he’s back existing on his ill-gotten wealth enjoying the high life.  Why ruin his retirement by slithering out from under his rock to utter his usual venomous idiocy?

    Look at the pattern established by the boy throughout its existence: meander through on daddy’s money, get set up with all sorts of business and political ventures with the family connections, completely destroy those ventures with his incompetence and thievery, and then use daddy’s connections to escape any punishment whatsoever – then move on, either to inactivity or to the next venture.  Meanwhile, everybody else is left to clean up the mess.

    Cheney will never be prosecuted for his crimes.  He and Obama are playing us all for saps, or so they like to believe.  What’s happening is that the gargoyle is working with the Obamassiah (not necessarily actively or directly) to turn this into a policy dispute instead of the war crimes investigation it should be.

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