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Gulf War Syndrome

Real Good News for Our Brother and Sister Veterans of Gulf War I, who like those who served with us in Vietnam, and many before that and after, the Country once again turned their backs and ignored after they returned, will hopefully get what the Country Promises for Service To. Trouble is, again, it’s way to late for those who have already passed on. For us it was Agent Orange and the other defoliants used, Vietnamese and Vets are still suffering from the lasting contamination, as well as PTSD, suffered in great numbers by those who serve especially in our occupations of others. The Country Cheers on War and the funding for but refuses to pony up for the long lasting results of many who are sent!

Military Health Research Forum


Promising Research on Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Gulf War Illness, Substance Abuse and More is Presented at Key Scientific Meeting


Research to address these needs is underway, and the work of hundreds of investigators engaged in the effort is being showcased September 1-3 at the Military Health Research Forum in Kansas City………………..

Veterans Disability Lawsuit Tossed, Again

Yesterday another Class Action Lawsuit was presented this time at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the previous was presented a few months back in California federal court on complaints from Veterans of OIF and OEF, and others, as to disability payments delayed and or denied.

When we returned from Vietnam many of the Vietnam Vets, needing care at Veterans clinics and Veterans Hospitals as well as attempting to file and receive disability benefits of already diagnosed Occupation Theater physical and mental ailments went through much of the same treatment. Those coming back and developing very serious ailments from coming in contact with heavily sprayed area’s of the Defoliants, mostly Agent Orange, were not only denied benefits and treatment the Government and Chemical Companies Denied they were hazardous to humans. We are going through the same All Over Again.

Once Again America, You Failed and Are Failing!!!

Not to long ago and most certainly not a ‘once upon a time’, though the response by the country would leave one to think some were telling fairy tales because the rest paid little attention, a group of soldiers were returning from an occupation of a destroyed small country a half a world away.

As we returned many started developing a wide variety of ailments, physical and mental, well maybe a few of the rest were listening about the mental issues for they were telling my brothers it was all in their heads.