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Promising Research on Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Gulf War Illness, Substance Abuse and More is Presented at Key Scientific Meeting


Research to address these needs is underway, and the work of hundreds of investigators engaged in the effort is being showcased September 1-3 at the Military Health Research Forum in Kansas City………………..

Posted by: Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC, Sep 1, 2009 7:03 am

Opening Video: The CDMRP… Improving the Quality of Life for Our Warfighters, Their Families, and Our Veterans. New approaches and innovative plans provide breaking news at the Military Health Research Forum.

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Among the highlighted abstracts:

* Innovative treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder. Depending on the conflict in which they served, 10 to 30 percent of soldiers who have spent time in war zones experience the debilitating and life altering symptoms of PTSD. Topics examined include employing virtual environments and novel medicines to help military personnel diagnosed with PTSD and or/other co-morbidities, and the use of psychiatric service dogs to help troops manage the symptoms of PTSD. Read more……

* General military health, including potential treatments for spinal cord injury, nutrition’s impact on cognitive performance in pilots and the effectiveness of a family based reintegration program. Read more…..

* Treatment for and prevention of traumatic brain injury. Often called the “signature injury” of the Iraqi war, TBI can lead to a range of symptoms including headache, confusion, behavior change, memory trouble, convulsions and others. Topics examined include brain tissue regeneration, driving problems after mild TBI and the use of biomarkers to determine the extent of TBI. Read more…..

* New research on treating Gulf War Illness, a condition that affects approximately 25 percent of service men and women who served in the 1990-1991 Gulf War. Read more…..

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One wonders why conferences and even congressional discussions, not to mention reported by the U.S. media and citizens demanding all be covered and funded, weren’t taking place all over this country in the work up to these invasions and occupations and continuing throughout.

One wonders?, Not Really, the GOP {Grand Obstructionist Party} were in total control and to busy beating the drums while coming up with new excises for their Wars of Choice and leaving the one that had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks! Way to much flag waving, magnetic ribbon buying, and slandering of those opposed to the destructive policies by the ‘super patriots’, and the media joined in across the board, not one mention about the lessons supposedly learned from our conflict way back, ‘Nam, or even time to listen to us, of the long term results of War!

And 8years later our soldiers are still in both theaters, now it’s once again ‘catch-up’ time, on the results of, on the veterans administration, on these agencies gaining the modern technology to cope with the huge influx of these new combat veterans………………….., and much more, same ole same ole, DeJa-Vu all over again!

‘teabaggers’ Protesting Opening of VA Clinic

The little ‘teabaggers’ protesting a VA Clinic in the guise of going after a Congressional Rep. and Health Care Reform, sorry folks we know the game and the propensity to not want to pony up for the care needed for those who serve you! And guess where, it’s going to take place in that state that wants to leave the U.S. behind, by them super patriots in Texas!

Fayette County judge urges Doggett protester not to act at dedication of veterans clinic

That’s when Janecka told Boyle, vice president-secretary of the Fayette County Taxpayers Coalition, that it wasn’t a good idea to have the protest at the dedication Thursday morning of a Veterans Administration clinic in La Grange.


Doggett said through an aide Tuesday evening: “With meetings in both Washington and Texas, I have been working on getting this clinic to La Grange since 2006. Last year, I invited the VA to a meeting with veterans at the Fayette County Courthouse to involve them in the planning for this clinic. Some may call government provision of doctors and clinics like this ‘socialism,’ I call it fulfilling our responsibility to those who defended our freedom.”

He closed: “These Teabag extremists have every right to protest my unwavering commitment to health insurance reform anywhere that I go, but I hope they will do so in a way that respects the service of our veterans to whom my success in getting this new clinic open is very important.” ……………….

While Serving, Family Fights Ins. Company

While this is a Government Military Health Insurance program it’s another example of the private sector running government programs, unregulated or under regulated and probably not coming from a doctors recommendation, this is administered by ‘Humana Insurance’, under Tricare, as a supposedly separate operation from their other health insurance endeavors.

Soldier’s wife battles insurance company

While a North Texas soldier fights overseas, his family is in a fight with his insurance company to pay for a medical device that could help his daughter lead a normal life.

For months, Kelsi LaRoe, a 22-year-old mother living in Grand Saline, has been fighting with Tricare, a government insurance plan for military families, to pay for a $3,000 medical device for her 13-month-old daughter Chesni…………………