Gulf War Syndrome

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Real Good News for Our Brother and Sister Veterans of Gulf War I, who like those who served with us in Vietnam, and many before that and after, the Country once again turned their backs and ignored after they returned, will hopefully get what the Country Promises for Service To. Trouble is, again, it’s way to late for those who have already passed on. For us it was Agent Orange and the other defoliants used, Vietnamese and Vets are still suffering from the lasting contamination, as well as PTSD, suffered in great numbers by those who serve especially in our occupations of others. The Country Cheers on War and the funding for but refuses to pony up for the long lasting results of many who are sent!

VA to reopen Gulf War vets’ files

The Veterans Affairs Department says it will take a second look at the disability claims of what could be thousands of Gulf War veterans suffering  from illnesses they blame on their war service, the first step toward potentially compensating them nearly two decades after the war ended.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said the decision is part of a “fresh, bold look” his department is taking to help veterans who have what’s commonly called “Gulf War illness” and have long felt the government did little to help them. The VA says it also plans to improve training for medical staff who work with Gulf War vets, to make sure they do not simply tell vets that their symptoms are imaginary – as has happened to many over the years. >>>>>

Veterans for Common Sense scored a victory for Gulf War veterans today.

In response to our advocacy, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) agreed to review claims for Gulf War veterans.

Here is a timeline describing our successful advocacy for Gulf War veterans that resulted in a new decision by VA to assist Gulf War veterans. >>>>>

Since this new Veterans Administration leadership has come in, only months ago, they have started right from entering catching up with all that wasn’t even mention nor thought about, once again, as the country beat the drums of war and have sent our soldiers into not one but two theaters of occupation for the past decade. Thankfully also the congress of the past three years started doing what we hire them to do, hold congressional investigative hearings on the issues not only not mentioned but ignored for the previous decade until investigative reporters finally started reporting on them, and they’ve found more issues not even reported.

As it always is they have had to be more reactive then proactive because of what wasn’t done. They’ve also vigorously starting moving the VA into the 21st century technology wise, it should have been a leader in that area as well as in many other area’s long ago, but it was an unpopular use of needed funding and was always behind the curve leaving it up to those who serve to fight battles for years against the country that sent them and the representatives the country hires to our political power.

I Salute General Shinseki and all those he’s brought into his administration, but the battles with the country will continue. Thankfully more and more citizens are joining with us and starting to understand the many issues that face those they send into the occupations of others, too many times for Choice not needed defense of country!

Way to often the blame, when problems arise, is put on the Veterans Administration and the People who not only work within but especially those who take care of the Veterans in the Hospitals and Clinics. The blame lies on the Country not those who work under the restrictions that lack of funding cause, that hopefully is finally changing for the good and proactive which will save on funding and make that agency one of the best, which it should always have been!

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  1. is that they know the cause, but, to admit it, that puts them in a bind.

    You can trace the cause of many of the diseases to the burning of DU (depleted uranium).

    Fowler said: “there is no threat or concern” about DU exposure to those working on the wreckage.

    “That’s baloney,” Marion Fulk, a retired staff scientist from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, told American Free Press. Fulk, 83, is currently researching how low-level ionizing radiation causes cancer, birth defects and a host of other health problems. Burning depleted uranium creates a “whole mess of oxides,” Fulk said, “which is what makes it so wicked biologically.”


    Given that many of our ammunitions and ordnance are based on DU technology, it isn’t hard to figure out.

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