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A bailout for the auto industry?

Original article, a commentary subtitled Lee Sustar looks at the automakers’ demands for a taxpayer bailout–and what working people should demand in return, via SocialstWorker.org:

THE BUSH administration’s Wall Street bailout may be a prelude to a sweeping government intervention in the auto industry–even before Barack Obama takes office January 20.

On the eve of the US elections

Original article, a perspective from Patrick Martin, via World Socialist Web Site:

In the run-up to Election Day, with polls pointing to a lopsided victory by the Democratic Party, both Barack Obama and leading congressional Democrats are making it clear in advance that a popular repudiation of the Bush administration will not determine the policies of an Obama White House or Democratic Congress.

Capitalism is bankrupt

Original article, subtitled Their system creates recession, hunger and climate chaos, but they want you to pay, via Socialist Worker (UK):

Until A few weeks ago, supporters of free market capitalism were confident enough to proclaim that their system was the only way that the world could be organised. Now their certainties have vanished.

The Financial Crisis Explained in One Interview!

Originally posted via Socialist Appeal (UK):

Still flummoxed by the financial crisis? In this classic comedy sketch, John Fortune and John Bird explain why we are in such a mess.

Kucinich: Greed, corruption, bailouts, and smears

Dennis on the current campaign:

Iceland – what happened?

Original article, by Jack Smart, via Socialist Appeal (UK):

“The Icelandic economy is prosperous and flexible” (IMF 4 July 2008)

(There is) “a very real danger…that the Icelandic economy, in the worst case, could be sucked with the banks into the whirlpool and the result could be national bankruptcy.” (Iceland’s Prime Minister Geir Haarde – address to the nation 6 October 2008)

The return of Karl Marx

Original article, by Fred Weston, via In Defense of Marxism:

Articles have appeared recently in newspapers and websites around the world highlighting the fact that sales of Marx’s books over the past year have risen sharply in East Germany, particularly among young people. It is worth quoting just a few of these articles.

Why the panic won’t stop

Original article, by Lee Sustar, via socialistworker.org:

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I love ya, tomorrow

You’re always

a day away!

– From the Broadway show Annie

SO MUCH for that $700 billion bailout that was supposed to save world capitalism.

Salesman of the month for Wall Street

Original article, an editorial subtitled The Democratic nominee was personally responsible for delivering the votes on the bailout bill, via socialistworker.org:

THE BANKERS will soon begin collecting their $700 billion ransom from taxpayers. And they can thank Barack Obama for helping them get away with it.

No more deluded by reaction

Original article, by Alexander Cockburn, titled CounterPunch Diary and subheaded Creatures of Capital, via counterpunch.com:

Have no doubt that the bailout of the financial sector is reactionary. It’s a bunch of little boys sticking their fingers in the dike to save the bosses. Unfortunately, there are many more muskrats on the other side weakening the dike.


The Labour Party – to heal the system or to hasten its end?

An editorial from Socialist Worker (UK):

The Last Fight Let Us Face!

Why the Internationale is relevant today!  Original words and music by Eugène Pottier and Pierre De Geyter.  The song was written in the aftermath of the Paris Commune.  

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