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NEW LEFT for a NEW ERA – Sharon Smith

From Socialism 2009 in San Francisco (you can also find it at SocialistWorker.org):

The Republican march toward oblivion

Original article, by Lance Selfa and subtitled “The Republican Party is hoping its screeds against “big government” will catch fire as patience with Obama’s attempts to fix the crisis runs out. But that strategy may not work out the way the GOP hopes,” via Socialist Worker (US):

PERHAPS ALL we need to know about modern conservatism and its party, the Republicans, was captured in Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s nationally televised response to President Barack Obama’s February 24 address to a joint session of Congress.

The biggest swindle of all

Original article, subtitled Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion fraud had a lot in common with the everyday workings of capitalism, says Alan Maass, via socialistworker.org:

THEY LINED up to give him their money because he always delivered. Big European banks, assorted hedge funds, super-rich philanthropists, sports moguls–they all flocked to Bernie Madoff’s investment firm because he produced stellar returns, year in and year out.

Is Obama really a radical at heart?

Original article, by Lance Selfa and subtitled If Obama is acting like a centrist now, it’s most likely because he is a centrist–rather than a radical posing as one to get elected, via socialistworker.org:

WITH LITTLE else to offer on its own behalf, the McCain-Palin ticket has built an entire campaign on ridiculing and demonizing Barack Obama. First, Obama was a neophyte. Then, he was a celebrity. Now, he’s a dangerous radical, even a friend to terrorists.

Salesman of the month for Wall Street

Original article, an editorial subtitled The Democratic nominee was personally responsible for delivering the votes on the bailout bill, via socialistworker.org:

THE BANKERS will soon begin collecting their $700 billion ransom from taxpayers. And they can thank Barack Obama for helping them get away with it.

Threefer Wednesday: On Foreclosures of Rental Units, Yugoslavia and the SEIU!

The first original article, titled Renters caught in the housing bubble (by Adam Turl) via socialistworker.org:

EVEN THOUGH it was hard, Patricia and Michael Phillips kept up on the monthly $600 rent. Both are disabled–Patricia can’t use her right arm, and Michael is in a wheel chair–and both depend on Social Security payments for their limited income.

So they were shocked when the local sheriff’s department turned up at their front door in July and told them they were to be evicted by the end of the day. Their landlord was being foreclosed on–and even though he hadn’t been paying the mortgage for months, he had been cashing their rent checks.

Obama’s entrance exam

Original article by Lance Selfa via socialistworker.org.


The real audience for the Obama campaign’s “move to the center” isn’t some group of swing voters, but the political, media and business establishment of the U.S.

Obama’s war room

By Elizabeth Schulte via socialistworker.org:


Big business switches sides w/poll

LANCE SELFA explains that Corporate America is nonpartisan when it comes to protecting its interests.   Original article via Socialistworker.org.

For some strange reason, I’m not sure this is a good thing.

The Communist Manifesto: A Challenge is Placed!

So, I wondered over to socialistworker.org this morning looking to see if anything interesting was up, and lo and behold, there was!

IN THIS first installment in a series on the classics of the socialist tradition, TODD CHRETIEN offers you a bet about the Communist Manifesto you shouldn’t refuse.

Health care in crisis: Do the Democrats have a solution?

MILLIONS OF people have voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton out of a sense that they will bring needed change, such as a solution to the disaster of the health care system. But will they? ELIZABETH SCHULTE explains why the proposals of the Democrats on health care fall short.

h/t Dissidentvoice.org