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Saving Our Economy

It’s an argument that might just catch on one day.

Saving our own Economy is more vital to our own National Security than robbing someone else’s (overseas) of theirs.

It is important that we all redefine the words “National Security“.  For, in truth, it has no relationship to transfering our Tax dollars overseas in order to spread a Worldwide Military Empire, or funneling our hard earned money to the IMF to hand over to Foreign Banks and Foreign Governments, or funding corrupt “puppet” Governments, etc. — and it has everything to do with Economic survival within our borders, the protection of the Environment, and maintaining the basic Liberties that our Country was founded on here at home.

Can we support the important efforts of these guys?

Cutting Military Spending Part 1

Cutting Military Spending Part 2

And They STILL Don’t Call This Criminal Terrorism

This is just coming across the wires:

Explosives Found in Vehicle at Georgia Army Base

Anthony Todd Saxon, 34, Arrested With Explosives In Vehicle At Fort Gordon, But No Terror Threat Seen

June 16, 2010 The FBI was investigating after a civilian was arrested with explosives in his vehicle on an Army base in Georgia that is headquarters to the service’s global communication and information systems, authorities said Wednesday.

Missing Link?

Frank Rich has another of the many articles, editorials and so called expert opinions voiced widely on our cable media outlets, since the extreme tragedy that occurred at Fort Hood. And once again Rich gets it, but he like the rest are leaving out, in some cases purposely, a major issue feeding the meme of possible cause.

The Missing Link From Killeen to Kabul

Mother Jones: Mission Creep UPDATED

Interactive map of US Military bases and deployments worldwide via motherjones.com

Long Past Time: Where Do The DoD Budget Monies Go?

Every year our Department of Defense budget grows to ever Huge Proportions and we’re givin the simpleminded reason that we’re getting our National Security Protection, and we simply except, no questions asked, don’t even get upset when corruption within is brought out, or outrageous costs for items we could purchase offshelf cheaper in a handware store.

Many have seen this YouTube Video of the barracks conditions for returning soldiers at Fort Bragg, or at least heard about it, which has brought about this,