Mother Jones: Mission Creep UPDATED

Interactive map of US Military bases and deployments worldwide via

There’s not much to say, other than you get the idea of how wide the empire sprawls.  And Obama’s 100,000 new troops are likely to help staff said empire.  Take a look, it’s interesting, and draw your own conclusions.


Use the slider at the base of the map to view troop strength over time. You’ll find that the 2007 map is far more interactive: Zoom in on a region with a click, and then select a country to bring up its military profile below. To get from one region to another, zoom out by clicking on the ocean, then zoom back in to wherever you want to go.

The map animation that opens this package uses Pentagon worldwide troop data from every half-decade since 1950, plus 2007, the latest year for which the data is available. These numbers are often fuzzy: Some deployments are classified, others are temporary, and just because the Defense Department claims 30 US troops in Indonesia last year doesn’t mean 1,500 didn’t pass through on training missions. Even so, the map, and the associated research, should give you a good feel for what the Pentagon is up to around the world.

Update thanks to Edger!

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  1. Asian Ponies, African Ponies, European Ponies, South American non-native Ponies, North American non-native Ponies…all in service to the empire!

    • Edger on September 1, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    I just sent you an email…

  2. It does appear a rather nasty hit piece was done on the 911 truth people.

    Nothing would stop the Homeboy SUCKurity shit faster than the common man accepting 911 for the inside job it was.

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