Missing Link?

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Frank Rich has another of the many articles, editorials and so called expert opinions voiced widely on our cable media outlets, since the extreme tragedy that occurred at Fort Hood. And once again Rich gets it, but he like the rest are leaving out, in some cases purposely, a major issue feeding the meme of possible cause.

The Missing Link From Killeen to Kabul

If something has been learned from the massacre at Fort Hood, it’s that our hawks are utterly confused about who it is we’re fighting in Afghanistan.

This is not only about Afghanistan but also Iraq and much more.

The dead at Fort Hood had not even been laid to rest when their massacre became yet another political battle cry for the self-proclaimed patriots of the American right…>>>>Read the rest here

Not to minimize what this Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan seemingly {he has yet to be convicted} carried out against his fellow soldiers but there’s way to many questions arising as reports keep coming out and some apparently saying the opposite of what they first said or observed from by knowing Hasan or about him.

People are leaving out one extremely important issue while going after, once again, one ideology, and a whole group of people, most don’t even care to understand. That issue is the christian? fundamentalism being preached to many in our military and has been especially since both Afghanistan and Iraq began.

The fear and rhetoric of were already against the Muslim religion, remember who they were directly looking for after the Oklahoma city bombing. If memory serves they even arrested a couple of middle eastern looking men before catching the one who masterminded that bombing, one Timothy McVeigh, all American boy and veteran of Gulf War I. McVeigh being radicalized after the David Koresh Waco tragedy of his religious? followers and the FBI.

The so called cold war ended, the hawks need an enemy of fear, the christian? right had growing power, they were pushing the military evangelism deeper as they pushed the United States as a christian? nation.

This Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is looking more and more as a perfect tool of some to further the fears towards a whole religious ideology, not because of religion but because an enemy is needed to keep the wheels of fear and control greased.

Here was someone who’s religious faith seemed to be growing, just like the christian? fundamentalist preach to their flocks. he was in the military as a professional mental health counselor sent to serve at one of the first medical facilities returning soldiers, physically and mentally, are sent to when they come back from these two long running occupations. Even with those around him apparently seeing his changing attitude in what he was saying and the way he was acting, no flags were going up, he was even promoted and then sent, apparently with his own orders to serve in Afghanistan, to the largest Army base with the highest suicide rates on bases in this country to counsel the soldiers returning after multiple tours as he did at Walter Reed for six years. Listening to the stories of these soldiers and why they needed counseling, what they had done or witnessed and how they felt about the Afghan and Iraqi people, people who were mostly muslim like himself. While using his computer, which is widely reported he did in making contact with others, he probably came across, not hard to do, the vile, fear and hate ridden posted statements not against just a few but condemning a whole group of people, millions in numbers, who follow a religious ideology or are from a region we now occupy two countries of while condemning other countries and their people, or just turn on a television.

Was his a lone act of someone who finally broke?, while being ignored!, was he being ignored?!

He makes the perfect scape goat to the beating of the drums of fear and our destruction of others, and keeps the Military Industrial Complex wheels well greased as the enemy of the now becomes the enemies for the next decades as we’ve created tens of thousands with hatreds towards not only our policies but us, Mission Accomplished!!


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    • jimstaro on November 15, 2009 at 14:29

    Robertson’s remarks put McDonnell in a bind

    Muslims seek repudiation Gov.-elect received donations from religious broadcaster


    Virginia Muslims are calling on McDonnell (R) to disavow comments made by the Virginia Beach religious broadcaster last week in response to the shootings at Fort Hood, Tex., in which Robertson asserted that Islam is “not a religion” but a “violent political system” and that those who practice it should be treated like members of a communist or fascist party.

    Robertson has made similar assertions about Islam before, but the recent comments came only a couple of weeks after he made a late $25,000 donation to McDonnell’s campaign and just days after he attended McDonnell’s election night party. He told a reporter there that he would be visiting McDonnell in his hotel suite while awaiting election results…>>>>

    • jimstaro on November 15, 2009 at 23:14

    Nope, reason you haven’t heard much about:

    The Fort Carson Murder Spree

    Soldiers returning from Iraq have been charged in at least 11 murders at America’s third-largest Army base. Did the military’s own negligence contribute to the slayings?…>>>>

    Will these be labeled as terrorist acts?

    Probably if they were the frightens latest boogeyman, race, nationality and or religion, how about political ideology!!

    Two theaters and multiple tours, Cheered On, while ignoring the realities of what extreme trauma does and not willing to pay heed to the warning signs and getting those who are troubled and showing that, Help!!  

  1. at an outdoor table near my university. His name was Amos Funkenstein. He had a Renaissance intellect and had read every book in its original language, whether Marx, Aristotle, Leibnitz, Descartes, Plutarch, Augustine, Maimonides etc. His specialty was the history of science. I don’t recall how the conversation turned to the underlying causes of the “Crusades”, but I’ll always remember him saying that they were far from over. Very eerie indeed.  

    • jimstaro on November 16, 2009 at 16:22

    A psychiatrist who tried to prevent Fort Hood-style violence among Marines about to “lose it” instead loses his job

    Last April, two Marines at Camp Lejeune predicted to a psychiatrist that some Marine back from war was going to “lose it.” Concerned, the psychiatrist asked what that meant. One of the Marines responded, “One of these guys is liable to come back with a loaded weapon and open fire.”…>>>>>

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