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BREAKING! GOP Alternative to Obama School Speech Leaked

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The following video has been obtained by the MinistryOfTruth from an unconfirmed Republican party source that shall remain anonymous. In order to obtain this highly secret information, the MinistryOfTruth has been forced to do things no MinistryOfTruth should ever have to do.

Guard this information and use it well.

WARNING: Only those with Stupid RW MEME proof socialist issued protective goggles should view the following movies! VERY IMPORTANT!!!

To be played at American schools that refuse to air the socialist indoctrination speech of Hussein Obama



    More amazing details below the fold!

Are you breathing? The US Armed Forces wants YOU!

Up yours, America!


Remember when the Chicken Hawks thought this image was SO cool?

That was because they understood the idea of hiding from anything more dangerous than a Cheeto was really important, and they needed someone else to do what they would not, could not and never would.