Are you breathing? The US Armed Forces wants YOU!

Up yours, America!


Remember when the Chicken Hawks thought this image was SO cool?

That was because they understood the idea of hiding from anything more dangerous than a Cheeto was really important, and they needed someone else to do what they would not, could not and never would.

Move forward a number of long years since those Chicken Hawks went into the basement to keep from being spotted on the streets as possible chubby and geeky “warriors.”

From BBC News:



The US Army and Marine Corps recruited significantly more people with criminal records last year than in 2006, amid pressure to meet combat needs.

You and I may wonder about the “BE all that you can BE and don’t forget to use a Shiv In the Army” commercials we are seeing on the TV these days, but obviously there is a need for new recruits with the right stuff.



or, should I say, IS a BIG CHICKEN. HAWK.

At least he is pulling more than his own weight, which is MUCH more than we can say for his Right Wing bretheren and sisteren.

Statistics released by a congressional committee show 861 people were granted waivers to enlist, up from 457 in 2007.

The crimes included assault, sex crimes, manslaughter and burglary.

The Army says waivers are only granted after careful review and are in response to the challenges of recruiting in a changing society.

The challenges of recruiting must be daunting in this current climate.  

The beauty of joining the Armed Forces and going to Iraq without proper training, proper armor, proper leadership and a real plan might be impressive to some, however those people that ARE impressed obviously are staying home and in the basement.

BUT, they do Support the Troops!  From a distance, of course.

Or until said troop(s) is dead or even worse! Injured and sent home where the Chicken Hawk’s tax money might be spent to take care of the useless husk.  

I mean, pull yourself up by your bootstraps Soldier, OK?


As per usual, the Right Wing is wrong about everything.

And as for this guy above?  He is so correct.  We are coming for your asses you Neo-Con greedy bastards.  With the touch of a peaceful vote against you, you will be vanquished.

The touch screen is mightier than the sword, n’est pas?

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    • brobin on April 22, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    We won’t have a decent soldier above the rank of Sargeant remaining after this debacle. Who would stay in long enough to be abused as badly as they obviously are?

    Another Bush-induced shame on this country.

    • pico on April 22, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    directing readers to the fine print: “ARE YOU BREATHING? (and not gay. Don’t be gay.) THE US ARMED FORCES WANTS YOU!”

  1. actually ran this story on the noon news–a shocker, as they tend to run more right-wing (as do all the other media in the area).  They even broke it down into which crimes the new recruits committed (including rape) and that really amazed me–for a local affiliate, they did a pretty good job.  

    Do you think the media are finally getting the message?

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