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The Republican march toward oblivion

Original article, by Lance Selfa and subtitled “The Republican Party is hoping its screeds against “big government” will catch fire as patience with Obama’s attempts to fix the crisis runs out. But that strategy may not work out the way the GOP hopes,” via Socialist Worker (US):

PERHAPS ALL we need to know about modern conservatism and its party, the Republicans, was captured in Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s nationally televised response to President Barack Obama’s February 24 address to a joint session of Congress.

Is Obama really a radical at heart?

Original article, by Lance Selfa and subtitled If Obama is acting like a centrist now, it’s most likely because he is a centrist–rather than a radical posing as one to get elected, via socialistworker.org:

WITH LITTLE else to offer on its own behalf, the McCain-Palin ticket has built an entire campaign on ridiculing and demonizing Barack Obama. First, Obama was a neophyte. Then, he was a celebrity. Now, he’s a dangerous radical, even a friend to terrorists.

Critical Reading – The Democrats: A Critical History

Original review, by Pham Binh, via dissidentvoice.org:

With less than a month to go before the election and Obama’s inauguration a mere three months away, Lance Selfa’s The Democrats: A Critical History is critical reading for anyone interested in real change we can believe in i.e. not the kind Obama will bring.

Labor’s unhappy marriage to the Democrats

Original article, an exceprt from Lance Selfa’s new book The Democrats: A Critical History via socialistworker.org:

After eight long years of George W. Bush, millions of people are counting the days to the inauguration of a Democratic president. But would a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic Congress deliver on the promise of change that so many people want to see?

Lance Selfa is a SocialistWorker.org columnist and editorial board member of the International Socialist Review. His new book, The Democrats: A Critical History, documents how, time after time, the party that claims to represent ordinary people has betrayed their aspirations of ordinary people while pursuing an agenda favorable to big business.

In this excerpt from the book, Lance examines the era when Franklin Roosevelt’s Democratic Party cemented its alliance with organized labor–with unions as the junior partner.

The Democratic Party and the Politics of Lesser Evilism

The Democratic Party and the Politics of Lesser Evilism, and International Socialist Organization web book, via internationalsocialist.org:

This book traces the history of the Democratic Party as a party of Southern slaveholders, a party of big business, and as a party playing on populist themes in order to win the votes of workers and the oppressed. He also looks at the party’s latest, neoliberal incarnation under Clinton and the “new Democrats.” As Selfa shows, the party has always played the role of coopter of any left alternative outside the limited framework of the two-party system. Selfa argues convincingly that the current “Anybody But Bush” mantra that has gripped many on the left has once again set back the struggle to organize a genuine independent left political alternative in the United States.

Obama’s entrance exam

Original article by Lance Selfa via socialistworker.org.


The real audience for the Obama campaign’s “move to the center” isn’t some group of swing voters, but the political, media and business establishment of the U.S.

Big business switches sides w/poll

LANCE SELFA explains that Corporate America is nonpartisan when it comes to protecting its interests.   Original article via Socialistworker.org.

For some strange reason, I’m not sure this is a good thing.