The Republican march toward oblivion

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Original article, by Lance Selfa and subtitled “The Republican Party is hoping its screeds against “big government” will catch fire as patience with Obama’s attempts to fix the crisis runs out. But that strategy may not work out the way the GOP hopes,” via Socialist Worker (US):

PERHAPS ALL we need to know about modern conservatism and its party, the Republicans, was captured in Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s nationally televised response to President Barack Obama’s February 24 address to a joint session of Congress.

Yep, another mention of ‘Creative’ Bobby Jindal. We shouldn’t have been surprised, the Repugs have been being ‘creative’ for the past 40 years or so. So, it’s appropriate that their wannabe spokesperson is of the ‘creative’ bent.

As he told the story, he and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee bravely risked arrest to back down boneheaded government bureaucrats who were refusing permission for private-citizen boaters to rescue hurricane survivors.

I’m sure whoever was his creative writing teacher (if he had one) was proud, and yet horrified at the same time. Selfa points out that this is the age of Google. Needless to say, Bobby’s ‘creativity’ was found out and he had to agree that his story was…created out of whole cloth.

David Brooks, the conservative New York Times columnist, scathingly reviewed the content of Jindal’s speech on the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: “To come up in this moment in history with a stale, ‘Government is the problem, you can’t trust the federal government,’ is just a disaster for the Republican Party. It’s not where the country is, it’s not where the future of the country is.”

It’s all they know. And the amazing thing is, it’s all they can see. Obama’s doing his best to keep the system the Repugs love intact, and the Repugs can’t bring themselves to smile knowingly and support him.

The challenge for the elites that have benefited so much from the neoliberal era is to support a change in U.S. politics that will address the parts of these crises that impinge on their ability to reap profit and power, while containing popular demands for reforms to health care, workplace rights or military spending that would challenge them.

Hmmm…maybe that’s why Rush doesn’t want Obama to succeed. After all, he has the example of how New Labour in Britan won the favor of the City of London due to it’s ‘successful’ adoption of neo-liberalism as it’s driving force. What’s more, Bubba was a good friend to the banksters and bosses while he was in office. Perhaps Rush knows something many of us don’t want to admit. Sure…it’s nefarious on the Democrats part, but then they had to learn something from the Repugs.

That’s where the Democratic Party has proven its usefulness to the people who run U.S. society.

That’s not you and me, for the most part.

In the language of Madison Avenue, which every pundit seems to have adopted these days, the Republican “brand” is damaged. And business knows when it’s time to pull a bad brand off the shelf.

Read on, and you see how Selfa, author of The Democrats: A Critical History, shows where the Repugs are headed. He also manages to point out that now may be the time for unionization of the South.

In an interview published in the March/April issue of International Socialist Review, socialist labor scholar Kim Moody suggests that economic inequality and the political rejection of the neoconservative agenda may produce “the next upsurge [of the labor movement] we [i.e. labor activists] talk about a lot.”

Moody lays particular stress on the potential for organizing in the traditionally anti-union, but economically vital, South. If labor manages to organize significantly in the South–currently, the geographic base of the Republican Party–it will strike a blow for labor. And It will also likely consign American conservatism’s main political institution to the shelf for a long time.

I suppose it’s best to say that we live in interesting times, and that we may end up on a road neither the Democrats or the Repugs expects us to travel.

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  1. Arise, ye workers from your slumbers!

    • RUKind on March 6, 2009 at 6:14 am

    And they’re trying to pin the blame for it on Obama. Of course, not one of them has done anything wrong. It’s not their fault the American people fail to follow them over the cliff.

    If there was ever a time to start a new party, this is it. The Republicans should join the Whigs, the Federalists and the Know-Nothings in the dustbin of American history. Speaking of which, almost nothing that you were taught in high school history was true. See Lies My Teacher Told Me for further reading.

    Maybe Markos could start a Kossack Party!

    Just kiddin’. 😉

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