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2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Play Ins Day 2

It’s hard to characterize any of these results as upsets.  Manhattan was a mild favorite and lost, Old Miss a mild favorite who won.  Tonight (and every night for that matter) we will continue with teams I don’t root for since UConn (defending Champions) didn’t make the cut and sentimental favorite Syracuse is under a 5 year NCAA penalty with Jim Boeheim scheduled to retire in 3.

He was no damn good anyway, his players could never hit the clutch free throws.  Besides, it was Daryl Gross’s, the AD’s, fault.

So the only team I’m rooting for is State (Michigan duh) and they’re not that good.

Last Night’s Results

Score Seed Team Record Score Seed Team Record Region
64 16 Manhattan 19 – 14 74 16 * Hampton 17 – 17 Mid-West
94 11 * Mississippi 20 – 12 90 11 BYU 25 – 9 West

Tonight’s Matchups-

Time Channel Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
6:40 True 16 North Florida 23 – 11 16 Robert Morris 19 – 14 South
9:30 True 11 Dayton 25 – 8 11 Boise State 25 – 8 East

Tomorrow is the real deal and you might find this interactive analysis of upsets from The Guardian instructive.

Oh and the NCAA are still greedy bastards.

2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Play Ins Day 1

Yes hoopies fans, it’s that time of year again where we cram a little over 3 seasons of Basketball into 3 weeks, 128 games worth of Men’s and Women’s action.

Tonight we start with 2 Play In games in the Mid-West and West Regions.

Time Channel Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
6:40 True 16 Manhattan 19 – 13 16 Hampton 16 – 17 Mid-West
9:10 True 11 Mississippi 20 – 12 11 BYU 25 – 9 West

Oh and just in case  you’ve forgotten what a horrible greedy institution the NCAA is, here’s John Oliver again.

Paying College Athletes Sounds Simple Enough at First

I thought I’d never find myself even halfway agreeing with Charles Barkley.  Much of what he says is so self-serving and childish that it doesn’t merit a response.  However, after admitting that he took money from agents in college, he then proposed that college athletes be given small stipends to prevent being unduly influenced.  Barkley’s argument confronts the elephant in the room.    

Another tired sports metaphor:…3-2-1 Obama shoots

Over dinner at a Thai restaurant in Pittsburg during NN09, we were discussing the level of wing nuttery at town hall meetings.

I suggested that we should show Obama some patience because the screamers would increase their level of crazy and marginalize themselves, soon to be followed by the Republican base baiters and Blue Dogs.

I said that perhaps Obama would then step forward coolly an calmly and cut their nuts off.

Someone then aptly called this Obama’s Rope-a-Dope.  

Well, since The Big O enjoys his hoops, I have changed that tired sports metaphor to this new tired sports metaphor.

Obama at the buzzer for 3.  It’s good! Game over

Pony Party: Going to the Final!

I’m still in shock – my team, the Cardinal, beat UConn 82:73 last night in the first of the two final four games in the women’s NCAA basketball tourney.

This is the first time the Card  have gone to the final game since 1992. I’m so excited! The past two games in which Stanford has played (Elite 8 and Final 4) were so well-played by both teams – that was some seriously great basketball. I do hope the final game, versus the dreaded Tennessee, will be equally engaging.

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