Pony Party: Going to the Final!

I’m still in shock – my team, the Cardinal, beat UConn 82:73 last night in the first of the two final four games in the women’s NCAA basketball tourney.

This is the first time the Card  have gone to the final game since 1992. I’m so excited! The past two games in which Stanford has played (Elite 8 and Final 4) were so well-played by both teams – that was some seriously great basketball. I do hope the final game, versus the dreaded Tennessee, will be equally engaging.


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  1. The day shift just called me from work to let me know the men’s game would be on in the auditorium. Maybe they were worried I was going to call in sick ( last week I actually was.)

    The dreaded Tennessee the only context in which those words do inspire fear is …. basketball!

  2. we have our very own sports pickle!!!

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