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U.S. World and Regional Credibility

This aired yesterday, 11 February 2011, morning prior to the results later in the day, night there, of the total collapse of the Mubarak reign of rule, but is pretty much spot on about us and especially that whole region of the planet and it’s free people under autocratic rule supported by us.

Happy Thanksgiving for Many Veterans? Not!!

And while this just below is happening, money also drying up for Military Help orgs. as well as Veterans orgs. {more on that below this first report}, we get the Pampered Class, Majority of America {need the forgetful keep being reminded that over 70% supported the leaving Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq, those in that entire region need no reminding!}, whining about the security they helped create the need for, most being of the cheering crowds of these failed wars of choice and loss of personal security under those who ordered it all, even the (T) {tepublicans} in congress, embedded or the new coming in, are speaking out against the TSA!!!!

Media Firestorm and the Qu’ran

Actions like this enrage many not only those they are directly pointed at!

In this case, just like if others were to announce then do a burning of another’s religious teachings book, it would enrage many of different faiths or even not following an established faith or beliefs.

This past decade has had nothing to do with religious ideologies except by those extremist preaching the total opposite of all the established religions beliefs and those who support same while claiming they are members of the true ideology.

Tony Blair is Certifiably Nuts

I just listened to this interview and can now say what many, me included, have thought all along, not only about him but as to our own previous administration, he’s certifiably crazy! I mean that in the so called World View, especially of righteousness, he just spoke. What’s going on has Nothing to do with any religious ideology but does for those who want to use that as their excuse, boy do they got some splanin to do at the pearly gates. He seems to Not Understand that humans going into others countries and Destroying Them as that Kills and Maims Tens of Thousands plus and Millions of Refugees is Not going to create Rage and Hatred, not only in those countries but from others on the planet. He and like are beyond nuts, Way Beyond!!

Mullen “blood on the hands”: Wikileaks

And They Claim ‘christianity’

This is just the recent but think back these years and all read and heard or watched, this is what a big part of recruitment looks like {and rise of hatreds and thus blowback}, add in the killing, maiming, destruction and creating refugees from their homes and country,  and add in while in theaters demeaning those that live there and their neighbors and not only in theater but across this country many doing same!

An Opening to Indictments and Accountability?

Turning the innocent, not only those who were grabbed and held for years but their countrymen and women, into potential foreign criminal terrorist, not winning hearts and minds and not being the law abiding country we not only claim but attack others for doing same!

Indecent treatment at Gitmo?

Iraq War Inquiry, Day 14

Drip, drip, drip…………… more from the faucet of recent history coming out from across the pond. When following this Inquiry, especially in viewing, insert American faces of those known from the cheney/bush administration and multiply the known and unknown ten, twenty, thirty……….times as they were the ringleaders and intelligence manipulators seeking justification to invade and destroy an innocent people and their country.

Just think how long before the Brits found out about the following did our administration and probably many in the ‘lockstep rubber stamping congress’ know:

Blackwater (Xe): Murder Inc.

Causing the Deaths and Maiming’s of our Soldiers in the Blowback, easing the recruitment of more insurgent fighters and support for same, and in the long term will cause the blowback of criminal terrorism anywhere, and done on our dime, we share the guilt of their actions even if these statements aren’t true!

Most of these mercs are ex-soldiers, yet for their good paydays they fought on an ideology completely uncaring of their brothers and sisters still serving!  

Goldman Sachs laughs in our faces

The Masters of the Universe at Goldman Sachs are now so confident of their domination of America that they are publicly mocking the press, the government, and the people. They are doing this through shameless displays of market manipulation and disinformation. Any sane observer of the financial world would recoil in disgust at the following pranks.

1. Goldman drops out of their financial reporting the month of December 2008, in which they had significant losses, in order to conveniently shift to a different reporting calendar.

2. Goldman rushes through a $5 billion public offering based on cooked numbers and government subsides. The market responds with a vote of “confidence” by cutting 10% off Goldman’s stock price.

3. Goldman makes a show of intending to “return” $10 billion in taxpayer TARP money, while remaining silent about their continued issuance of huge amounts of debt GUARANTEED BY THE FDIC.

4. Goldman claims that the $12 billion of (taxpayer provided) CDO payments it received from AIG had no material affect on its financial performance. Uh-huh.

The long knives are out for Goldman Sachs. Government regulators, angry investors, consumer activists, blogosphere progressives, and most intelligent observers will long remember how one company used its legally corrupt operatives in the Obama administration to grab taxpayer funds to pay million-dollar bonuses to lying executives whose only ethos is greed. This firm deserves capital punishment. It may duck and twist and dodge for a few more years, but it is going to go down, and it will go down hard.

Goldman Sachs will be remembered like Enron: a textbook case of the pernicious and self-destructive conduct of an uncontrolled corporation.

“You’re a p- – -y and a scared little kid”, 3rd Installment of “Coming Home”

The subject title above is the third installment of a week long series of reports being run at Salon.com.

The first two installment reports can be found in links below or with this link of what I posted previously

“The Death Dealers took my life!”

Salon.com has a series running all this week called “Coming Home”, researched and written by Mark Benjamin and Michael de Yoanna.

The following is the description and lead in information on the series:

The Entry of the Sunni Mujahideen

Michael Scheuer has an interesting series of articles at the Asian Times from the The Jamestown Foundation.  A window in the coming Blowback, that has already reared it’s ugly head in many places and is stoked by throwing intense flames onto the already started fire?

The latest report is called MUJAHIDEEN BLEED-THROUGH, Part 4 with a subtitle “Palestine and Israel: The ring of terror  tightens”