Media Firestorm and the Qu’ran

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Actions like this enrage many not only those they are directly pointed at!

In this case, just like if others were to announce then do a burning of another’s religious teachings book, it would enrage many of different faiths or even not following an established faith or beliefs.

This past decade has had nothing to do with religious ideologies except by those extremist preaching the total opposite of all the established religions beliefs and those who support same while claiming they are members of the true ideology.

The transcripts, according to the site pages, won’t be up till this afternoon, monday the 13th.

The Media Firestorm over Koran Burning

September 10, 2010

Florida pastor Terry Jones organized what he called “International Burn a Koran Day,” scheduled to take place on September 11th. And then the media paid attention. Brooke considers the consequences.

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Burn a Koran Day and the Arab World

September 10, 2010

While controversy over “Burn a Koran Day” reached a boiling point in America this week, much of the rest of the world has been following the proposed stunt for over a month. Political science professor and Foreign Policy blogger Marc Lynch says that the story fits neatly into an emerging narrative in the Middle East, that the US is becoming fervently anti-Muslim.

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Muslim-American Public Service Announcements

September 10, 2010

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has produced a new series of public service announcements that seek to show that American Muslims were also victims of the September 11th attacks. CAIR’s Legislative Director Corey Saylor says the PSA’s are a response to anti-Muslim sentiment, at its highest level since 2001.

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When media types, and others, ignore the true damage certain acts and speak can bring they add to the greater possibility of any blowback from same. That blowback can come in many forms, from a few extremist, no matter ideology, doing distructive acts against others, to economic, as those who do see how deplorable acts pointed at others are turn their backs on everything those supporting same do, even the good they may try!


  1. I don’t accept Islam as the  military-industrial complex designated Russia replacement enemy.  In fact in the CT community all the buzz is about the CIA staging this latest media event to further the illusions of the fake two party system known as American politics.

    They point to the Patriot Defense Group, “our” version of Britian’s Strategic Communications Laboratories.


    It plays into the “racial hate” on the “right” and then “suddenly” the Pastor halts his book burning schedule to validate that New World Order theme of stifling all dissent via PC Kumbaya “tolerance”.  I know it sounds ugly but it is after all just another media psy-op.

  2. And let God sort them out.

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