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Congratulations to Undercovercalico!

WARNING — The following essay contains information about sports, which apparently does not have much of a following at Docudharma, so I’ll keep it brief.

All hail the winner of the DDMMTTPP (Docudharma March Madness Tournament Time Private Pool):  Undercovercalico!!!

Even with the championship game still to be played Monday night, Undercovercalico has already clinched victory by having correctly picked all of the Final Four teams (Memphis, UCLA, North Carolina, and Kansas) and correctly picking Memphis and Kansas to advance to the championship game.

The Memphis Tigers defeated UCLA 78-63 in the first semifinal game Saturday.  This was the 38th win of the season for Memphis, which sets a new NCAA record for most wins in a single season.  Their only loss of the season was by 4 points to Tennessee.  In the other semifinal game, Kansas beat North Carolina 84-66.  North Carolina coach Roy Williams had previously coached for 15 years at Kansas before leaving to coach North Carolina.  Kansas fans have been cranky ever since, so beating Williams’ team was sweet revenge.  The winners of Saturday’s semifinal games play for the championship on Monday.

Who will win Monday night’s championship game between Memphis and Kansas?  UCC picked Memphis to win it all, and only an idiot would disagree with her record of success thus far.

I predict Kansas will win.  

Tears On Opening Day In Condado del Diablo

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The beautiful game

This isn’t about America’s so-called pastime, major league baseball, which begins tonight with the Braves playing the Nats and Commander Codpiece McFlyboy throwing out the ceremonial first ball. No. This is about something smaller, more intimate, and in many ways, much more a game of the People.  It’s about futbol, soccer, and how anti-immigrant local legislation in Northern Virginia has destroyed the local leagues.

It’s an infuriating story.  I’m angered not just because I love to play this game, but because of the important role it plays in the community.  I doubt you’ve heard about this before.

Please join me in the goal box.

Saturday Night Bike Blogging: The Perfect Bikeway

Over on the European Tribune, where I crossposted a couple of these bike blogs, asdf asked:

If bikes are the most efficient way to get around–at least for distances up to a few km–then why do we not have proper bikeways? Smooth pavement, gradual hills, and COVERS to keep the snow/wind/rain off? Imagine a countryside with little bike tunnels going here and there, with cozy, dry riders efficiently making their daily trips…

This is a lovely image. Indeed, a system of bikeways of this could even qualify as a dream.

However, if we start to dream it, we have to be careful that we do not fall into the familiar bad habits of the fading age of Auto Uber Alles … which is to use bikeways as a mechanism to get those pesky cyclists off the road.

If a system of bikeways is done right, then it will create far more bikes on the road of most cities, towns and suburbs of American than we have ever seen … indeed, than most of use have ever imagined. Which means, directly, that any system of bikeways intended to get those pesky bikes off the roads will be bikeways done wrong.

See you over the fold … and remember, as always, this is also a general cycling open thread.

Thoughts on the Iowa Bowl

Like many people, I have friends who attended the University of Texas.  And like most people who attended Texas, they are passionate fans of the Longhorns, the University’s sports, particularly football, teams.  And while, to them, every Longhorns game is important, none of them are as important as the annual matchup between the Longhorns and the Aggies, the team of Texas A&M.

This is not merely a Texas thing; one can find the same phenomenon in locations as disparate as Florida (the Florida Gators versus the Florida State Seminoles), Michigan (the Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans), and California (the UCLA Bruins versus the USC Trojans).  And while these intrastate games have real significance occassionally, often all these programs are among the nation’s best, and have other more significant games on their schedules.  Yet the bitter rivalries between in-state rivals persist over generations, and often surpass the more significant games in importance to both the students and the players.

This does not, upon casual inspection, make sense.  There is not a vast or significant difference between the students of Michigan and Michigan State – both groups are generally made up of mostly kids from in the state, a similar percentage of out-of-state kids, nearly all between the ages of 18 and 25.  The players for both teams are also similarly made up – mostly black men from urban or rural backgrounds on scholarship, generally performing below the average academic level of their peers.  Stranger still, the students and alumni at each school have much more in common with their opposite than either group has with either team’s players, and vice versa.  

So why does the rivalry exist at all?

On Baseball

In a few short months, the cold of winter will give way to the smell of fresh cut grass. On fields in Florida and Arizona, veterans will work out the kinks of the winter break, fresh faced kids will take their hacks hoping to make the big clubs. It is a ritual performed for decades, the precursor to that magical time of year…

Baseball season.

The Locker Room


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Adrian Peterson suffered a probable right knee sprain in yesterday’s loss, and was scheduled to have an MRI today.  Fingers crossed….I love watching this kid play…


Warriors fans are waiting for November 16th, for Stephen Jackson to return from his 7-day suspension.  Their 0-5 start can’t ALL be blamed on the suspension….can it??  We shall see…

Boston alone remains undefeated (5-0).

Minnesota and Seattle also remain winless; Minnesota’s 0-5 record matches Golden State’s, the Sonics are 0-7.  

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Catch Up

So, so sorry I couldn’t keep up with the weekly postings over the past month.  Things got super-hectic, and sports were the last thing on my mind…

Since I’ve last posted, the Red Sox have won the World Series, and South Africa has won the Rugby World Cup (sorry, dave). 

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MLB Playoffs
American League: Boston and Cleveland have each taken a game; the tied series continues tonight.
National League: Colorado continues their amazing streak, commanding a 3-0 series lead over Arizona, who could be eliminated tonight.

No decision has been announced regarding the future of Yankees manager Joe Torre, who was rumored to be on the block if the Yankees didn’t perform in the post-season.  Steinbrenner did announce, however, that he is passing on the day-to-day running of the team to his sons, Hank and Hal.


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Brett Favre has taken sole possession of the career-interceptions-thrown record from George Blanda by throwing his 278th pick on Sunday. 

The battle of the undefeateds was decided by a 48-27 trouncing of the Cowboys by the Patriots.  New England and Indianapolis are now our only remaining undefeated teams.

The Locker Room

CBS Sports Widget

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If nobody has a strong and meaningful objection, it will be much easier for me to copy this widget every Monday than trying to follow NFL, NHL, and NBA scores all winter.  (MLB, WNBA, NCAAB and NCAAF scores are also available, click the arrow…drop the menu…c’mon..you know you want to…)  Objections can be expressed in the comments.

MLB Playoffs

NL: The D-backs and Rockies advance to the NL Championship Series (sorry Buhdy), which begins on Thursday in Arizona.

AL: The Yankees and Indians play game 4 in New York tonight; the Indians lead 2 games to 1 in the series.
The Red Sox have advanced, and will meet the winner of that series in the AL Championship Series.

Oh, and lest you quit on me before you get that far, Barry Bonds gets a mention in the ‘Track and Field’ section, in a story about another athlete being investigated for doping who has plead guilty to lying to investigators.


Patriots, Colts, and Cowboys remain undefeated; the Cowboys play the Bills tonight, 8:30 P.M. edt.

The Packers departed our undefeated list this week thanks in part to an end-zone interception thrown by Brett Favre.  This is notable in that it ties Mr. Favre for another NFL record: most career interceptions thrown.  He’s tied with George Blanda at 277.  Blanda’s career spanned 26 years, and included 340 games, 4007 pass attempts.  Favre is in his 16th year, has played in 245 games, and attempted 8393 passes.  Congrats, Brett!  :p

The Locker Room

MLB Playoffs:

American League play begins Wednesday, October 3, with the Angels @ the Red Sox;  the Yankees are @ the Indians the following day (times not yet announced).

National League play continues today with a ‘play-in’ game for the wildcard spot, as Colorado and San Diego each finished the season at 89-73.  The winner of that series will play Philadelphia. Chicago (Cubs) @ Arizona starts on Wednesday.(still no times announced).

UPDATE:  Colorado bested San Diego 9-8 in 13 innings, with a questionable call at the plate (i never saw him touch home…just sayin’…), and will play Philadelphia (Thursdsay??  i cant seem to verify that yet)

The 40-game ‘pool phase’ of the Rugby World Cup in France is complete.  Eight teams (Argentina, Australia, England, Fiji, France, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa) will progress to the knockout round which begins October 6th.


The Ducks and Kings travelled to London to open the season, splitting the 2 games they played there.  (NHL.com has video highlights which imbed beautifully, but nothing ‘behind’ the video will load.  I tend to be stubborn about these kind of things…so if you happen upon a horribly “broken” Locker Room one day, rest assured that I did it…and with a hockey video)

The Locker Room


So, in the AL, 3 teams have already clinched their playoff spots, with the Angels and Indians already clinching their respective divisions.  The Red Sox also have a ticket to the after-party, though the Yankees are only 1.5 games back.  It is beyond the mechanizations of my helmet-holder to understand why the Yankees haven’t statistically clinched a spot yet….but so say the websites.  It looks like a lock to me.

The NL has a wider range of possibilities and no teams have clinched yet.  Right now the Mets, Cubs, and D-backs are sitting atop their respective divisions, but none are more than 3.5 games up on their nearest rival.  The Mets are the only of these playing today (probably right now, depending on when you read this).  The wildcard race is also tight, and any of the current division leaders could end up in that mix, though it doesn’t seem likely.  It looks like a runoff between San Diego and Philly; San Diego has a half-game lead and a game in hand (which they play tonight).

(edit/update: the mets lost to washington 13-4; San Fran is up 7-4 on San Diego in the 5th)

The Locker Room

Welcome sports fans!

It is my fondest wish and the deepest desire of my heart to see the Flyers win a Stanley Cup have a weekly sports discussion essay.  While I’m not well-versed in every sport at every level, I would love for us to have a forum to discuss professional, college, amateur, and even our own involvement in local sports, as well as the personalities that people them.  And while I’m clearly posting such an essay right at this very minute (or, have posted, if you’ve come later), I’m not particular on who posts it, or when…only that we know where to look for it so we can all participate.

You could liken it to the current training-camp sitch the Philadelphia Flyers find themselves in, as described in the Yahoo!News story: Flyers have several candidates to fill vacant captaincy.  Here it’s a lot like in that locker room.  The person wearing the “C”, or posting the essay, won’t be doing all of the work.  Sami Kapanen sums it up well, I think (from the above-linked article).

“If you have a C on the jersey, it’s not just up to him,” he said. “It’s a team game and everybody needs to bring something in. You can’t ask for too much from one player.”

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