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It’s Time to Invade Canada

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“Strike while the iron is hot.”

“Make hay while the sun shines.”

“Take time by the forelock.”

Or, as they say it in French, “Il faut battre le fer pendant qu’il est chaud.”

All are time-tested phrases in the English and French languages amounting to the same thing: the time to act and take advantage is now.  For timing is everything in peace, love, politics, and war.  Once the opportunity slips by, one may never get the chance again.  Simply put: use it or lose it.  

Patrick Corrigan, Toronto Star, Buy this cartoon


Why the urgency?  What is this terrific opportunity that’s been given to us and why must we act upon it right now?    

Lets Re-Visit the Flyers Puck Drop {Video not seen? and Pics}

No wonder the hockey puck, whoops, hockey mom dressed her youngest daughter in a Flyers Shirt and led her onto the ice, using her, as she even said, as a Political Tool to try and silence the crowd!

Take a look at the reception received on arriving at the rink outside.

The following pics and the video link to the FOX 29 News Report, which I moved to a couple of video saver sites, was posted at the VFP group board site by brother ‘Nam Vet Bill Perry, Service Officer Disabled American Veteran CSO, who sigs with this:

Make ANY ERROR in the VA Claims maze, & you’ll be forced into a 2 year Appeal process Get Expert Advice, Evaluations, & Treatment

Overnight Caption Contest

Deities, Ice, and Motion

On September 28th, 1972, adult Canadians found a way to skip out of work and school children were packed in gymnasiums to watch an event on those horrible TVs in a box. Most Canadians over forty have some memory of it, many can tell exactly where they watched the game and who they were with. Canadians have tendency to struggle with their identity. They often define themselves by what they are not, which might be why hockey remains consistent in popular culture.