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Walking Backwards Into the Future

That was a motto of one of my teachers in life. One interpretation is respecting and acknowledging the past, as we push forward to create the new world that the future holds. And when possible, addressing and correcting it. As I have said many times, in different ways, the future depends on all of us silly humans finding a way to live together and work cooperatively to make a better world.

A step is being taken in that direction now.

It may seem small, in light of everything else we are going through, but I think it, and all efforts like it…. is vital to walking forward in the right way..

Hat tip to mishima…

It is difficult to convey the deep emotion many Australians feel about the apology that is to be made to those indigenous Australians now known as the Stolen Generations, this Wednesday at 9am, as the first act of the newly elected Australian parliament. The national excitement around the event is palpable, with thousands heading to Canberra for it, and public screens being erected in most major cities for the live, national broadcast of the event.

Doom and Gloom

America will never be the same, nor will the world.


This is why we fight so hard to prevent tyranny. This is why so many millions or billions of humans have died fighting for freedom. This is why the American Revolution was fought, this is why the Founders worked so hard on a solution to tyranny.

Because as we have seen, as has been proved again…as if it needed to be ….destruction is SO much quicker ad easier than construction. It is easily accomplished by a small amount of people who are focussed upon it. So much has been wiped out or reversed in such a small amount of time. Decades of progress, and in the larger picture, centuries, of a slow building of the consensus of human beings on how human beings should conduct themselves.  

I Am A Vindictive Son Of A Bitch

Let’s start here…

Main Entry:


1 a: disposed to seek revenge : vengeful b: intended for or involving revenge

And then go here…

To Republicans: Conservatism Has Failed. Deal With It, by bonddad

And then I will try to explain what kind of revenge I want, and what I mean by “destroying Republicans” And why I think that that is a necessary part of the new world that Obama wants in one way, with post-partisanship….and that and Pfiore8 wants in another way with post-Democratship.

A Perfect Storm: or….Unbridled Optimism

November 2008:


After months of hammering on the Republican candidates obvious weaknesses the time has finally arrived for the voters to decide: John McCain versus Barack Obama.

After nearly two years on the campaign trail a tired and old looking McCain is limping into the general election, out of cash, out of ideas, and resigned to defeat at the hands of the young and vibrant Senator from Illinois.

The events surrounding the campaign have been reminiscent of the movie A Perfect Storm.

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