A Perfect Storm: or….Unbridled Optimism

November 2008:


After months of hammering on the Republican candidates obvious weaknesses the time has finally arrived for the voters to decide: John McCain versus Barack Obama.

After nearly two years on the campaign trail a tired and old looking McCain is limping into the general election, out of cash, out of ideas, and resigned to defeat at the hands of the young and vibrant Senator from Illinois.

The events surrounding the campaign have been reminiscent of the movie A Perfect Storm.

At the unfortunate cost of immense suffering at home and abroad, all of the policies of the last eight years of the Bush Administration and the Republican ruled Congress have converged and imploded at nearly the same time, nearly guaranteeing a landslide victory for the charismatic Barack Obama.

Over the spring and summer the economy had gone into a deep recession, inflation and unemployment at an all time high, and with record numbers of middle Americans being thrown out of their homes and onto the streets due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis. The Republican economy was in shambles. Candidate Obama’s recent economic summit with leading progressive economists and environmental leaders (a stark contrast to Vice President Cheney’s secret energy meetings) has produced a solid plan for economic recovery, centering on creating jobs through developing an Apollo type program for energy independence and “The Greening of America.” Combined with a push to “restore America’s broken infrastructure,” even the promise of higher taxes on the most wealthy of Americas has not dampened enthusiasm for this bold proposal, set to start on Day One of his tenure in the White House.

The Surge in Iraq has been exposed as a policy of smoke and mirrors, with the insurgent forces in Iraq following nearly exactly the strategy that George Bush had outlined in refusing to bring the troops home. Waiting for American forces to be so worn down by what was in essence a timetable, pushing more and more troops in until the military finally broke under the pressure. The relative calm over the winter explode over the spring when the Iraqi parliament finally acceded to the Cheney plan for oil profit distribution when the legislation was found to be not much more than a gift to the major oil companies, at the cost of the Iraqi people. Insurgent forces who had been gathering strength while laying low, finally struck at the low point of Americas exhausted military strength. Violence has raged for months, and the American military, broken and dispirited and ill equipped due to Bush Administration policies. Finally are preparing to withdraw with in the face of mounting casualties and chaos, The Republicans war supporters in Congress are desperately scrambling to save face after seven years of ill advised war and attempting to find the least damaging plan to finally bring the troops home. With the Bush Administration leaving office, and Obama’s promise to rebuild and renew a strong United Nations, a new coalition of countries willing to participate in a peacekeeping force is forming. Experts say it will take decades for the American military to recover. Obama’s plan to support and care for veteran funded by fines on War Profiteers such as Halliburton have gained wide acclaim from an angry nation.

The amount of war profiteering uncovered in the long awaited impeachment hearing of Dick Cheney has truly shocked and angered the the nation. As have the revelations of how fully informed the now universally reviled administration was as to the lack of threat that Sadaam Hussein posed to the world. Representative John Conyers, finally freed of the constraints imposed upon him by the now sheepish and embarrassed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (expected to be replaced as Speaker in the new session of Congress) is expected to bring impeachment proceedings against George Bush soon. As America finally acts against the despised leader, even as he leaves office, government leaders and Human Rights groups around the world are gearing up for War Crimes trials.

All of these factors combined have virtually guaranteed not just a landslide victory for soon to be President Obama, but an unprecedented number of victories for Democrats in Congress as well. Thought to be easily enough to give the Democrats a super-majority, which Obama says he will use to roll back Bush administration policies across the board, including Unitary executive powers.

All of these factors and occurrences converging at once…combined with the rash of continuing Republican sex and corruption scandals over the summer, have combined into what can only be described as a Perfect Storm for the Democrats. Rousing the American People from their slumber and involving them in record numbers in the political process. All previous voter turnout numbers are expected to be shattered. Pundits and political experts alike are predicting that this perfect storm is a blow that could nearly destroy the Republican Party as we know it, and it is universally acknowledged that this election spells the end of the current Republican ideology. Thus almost certainly ends a dark epoch for the people of America, and for a world that has suffered under eight years at the hand of the Republican Congress, Dick Cheney, and George Bush, now withe recent revelations uncovered through the impeachment process, acclaimed without a shadow of doubt the worst President in America…and perhaps the worst ruler ever seen in all of world history.


Special bonus coverage for the the world wide web below.

Liberal Bloggers at sites like Daily Kos and the newly emergent Docudharma (heh!) are of course, ecstatic and crowing in the validation of their years long fight, even while fervently promising to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire to make sure he carries through on his broad and courageous agenda. Senator Obama recently stated, “Without the passion and the fire and the support of the blogging community, none of this could have happened.

Reached for comment, prominent and beloved Daily Kos blogger DHinMI stated, “I knew impeachment would happen all along, and am proud to have had some small role in bringing it about by tirelessly encouraging impeachment advocates. Obama ROX!!!”


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    • Edger on February 8, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    • ANKOSS on February 8, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    The American people have not repudiated the war. The people have not repudiated torture. The people still want their cheap gas and their victory parades. McCain knows this, and so does Obama. The people will vote for more war.

    We are part of the rational minority that is willing to live with a diminished standard of living to keep the world from descending into an Orwellian Hell. But, for most Americans, this is an unacceptable sacrifice. So we are along for the Dr. Strangelove ride with McCain. America will feed itself on war and violence until somebody stops us. This will not end well.

  2. … but, well, just a big wave.

  3. so parse it out for me……..

    is barack the plucky captian…..

    congress the crew……

    the public must be the catch…..

    what/who is the ocean, the turbulent world perhaps….

    are we the rescue…….

    I think I must be food for the fish perhaps…..

    • pfiore8 on February 8, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    and the fight we’re in… in a few frames

    this is from the Parallex View, but somebody remixed and updated… wow.

    • pfiore8 on February 8, 2008 at 6:49 pm

  4. Even though there is reason to be vaguely, slightly, marginally, semi, pseudo optimistic what can progressives really expect from either candidate? In order to appeal to middle America and disaffected republican/independents, whoever the Dem candidate is, won’t they have to sell out progressive ideals? Even if victorious won’t they be forced to govern that way? I am at this juncture keeping my expectations highly muted.

  5. but it would be more solid to have something to be optimistic about.

    Obama, Clinton, McCain or whomever, is going to inherit the system.  So far, few people have gotten to the point of recognizing that the system itself needs to be redone (perhaps with a Constitutional convention), that the goal needs to be a different system, and that we will have to get there by forming counter-systems in resistance rather than by kissing up to the existing order.  

    What the Zapatistas call “mandar obedeciendo” (to lead by obeying) needs to be secured by the people.  We need to end the division between countryside and city by bringing farms back into the cities, vastly reducing their unsustainability quotients.

    Vast inequities in the organization of property and of money need to be reorganized before anything good is going to happen.  The current distribution is the result of a system dedicated to capital accumulation — think of capitalist life as a big game of Monopoly, in which the bankrupted losers stand to be bankrupted again and again, while the winners get to expand their winnings over and over again, passing their winnings onto their progeny.

    Our plight is well-summarized by Paul Prew, who tells us in the 21st century world ecosystem:

    The question to be asked, really, is whether we proceed with capitalism until we reach an ecological bifurcation point that leaves the habitability of the earth in question for the vast majority of the population, or we reach a social bifurcation point that leads us to a social system of production that is dissipative, nonetheless, but does not threaten the flowing balance of nature.

    Now, this despair thing looks to me like more petit-bourgeois attitude.  The “progressive” faction of the privileged classes tell themselves: “Since under the current order everything’s headed for collapse, we’ve got nothing to lose… but, wait! (looks at bank account balance, glances over at investment portfolio)  I personally do have something to lose!  Better stick with the status quo.”

    • Edger on February 9, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    …a forum, a meeting place where people can come to present their views and ideas of what and how…and through presenting them to other passionate people, start to build a consensus on what and how and then put it into action.

    ..can have enormous unexpected and totally unpredictable consequences all over the world.

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