I Am A Vindictive Son Of A Bitch

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1 a: disposed to seek revenge : vengeful b: intended for or involving revenge

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To Republicans: Conservatism Has Failed. Deal With It, by bonddad

And then I will try to explain what kind of revenge I want, and what I mean by “destroying Republicans” And why I think that that is a necessary part of the new world that Obama wants in one way, with post-partisanship….and that and Pfiore8 wants in another way with post-Democratship.

Revenge is a nasty, mean word…especially amongst us civilized liberals. It conjures up all the worst parts of human nature, violence, mayhem, death, selfishness, a kind of greed, and an uncontrolled rage against others that have been perceived to have hurt or persecuted you. If you think about it is almost a synonym for Republicans, the Republicans that are in power right now. The Republicans that are in power right now that are the culmination of the Republican Party post Eisenhower. Nixon, Reagan, Bush One and Bush Two. And as bonddad says in the link above…IT DOESN’T WORK!

And not only does it not work, it is incredibly destructive…and divisive.

Republicanism is based on greed and hatred, inspired by fear, that causes them to lash out at the world outside of their little enclave of White Maleness. It’s very purpose is to create an elite in what is allegedly an egalitarian society. And not just to create an elite, but to enforce it through political power and legislation. How can we ‘move on’ to anything while that philosophy is part of our culture? While it is accepted and fostered and applauded?

I want revenge, not revenge on PEOPLE who are Republicans like Pfiore’s Aunt. Not even revenge on Republican politicians, except in so far as that accomplishes what I really want…revenge on the Philosophy of Republicanism.

I want that philosophy that inexorably fosters and creates and coddles greed and hatred of gays and brown people and waging war and torture to be destroyed and repudiated and the revenge I REALLY want is for the core thinking at the heart of Republicanism to be shunned and deemed socially unacceptable. The revenge I want is for the philosophy of Republicanism to be completely exposed (say by something like an impeachment trial where all of the crimes and lies are laid out on national tv) so that everyone…and particularly everyone like Pfiore’s aunt who supports it…thinking it is something else, something benign…to see what is truly at the heart of Republicanism.

If they see that, how can they continue to support it? They can’t… and thus Republicanism will be ‘destroyed,’ and I will have my revenge, such as it is.

It SEEMS to me…and I could be wrong, that the reason that Pfiore and Obama want to embrace Republicans is that they think Republicanism CANNOT be destroyed, that it will be with us always, as Jesus said of the poor. Maybe they are right and I am wrong. We certainly need to make peace within ourselves with the impulses of selfishness and destruction that lead to Republicanism. We need to make peace with it by realizing that those impulses are within us, so that we can KEEP them within us. So that we can then resist them, and not impose them on others.

But we as a society can no longer afford to indulge them as part of our government and part of our society. We are going to be FORCED to build a world of cooperation and consensus by looming events such as climate crisis and population. Either that or we are going to be FORCED into wars for resources. There will always be room for the ‘me.’ But we are rapidly running out of room for the ‘me first‘ philosophy that is at the heart of Republicanism.

WE all want a peaceful ad prosperous and just world…Republicanism doesn’t, it wants a world where it has the advantage, that is what it is all about, gaining advantage and protecting it.

As a planet, which like it or not Republicans…we are, and as equal members of the Human Race…which like it or not Republicans…we are, if we are to create a world of something other than endless war for dwindling resources we have to make the Philosophy of me first Republicanism unacceptable…with a vengeance. We are running out of time.

NOT vengeance or revenge against individuals, but against that philosophy…and by extension the Party that espouses that philosophy and wishes to impose it on the rest of the world against their will, by using force (and torture)if necessary….as they have shown again and again that they are willing to do. ONLY when that has been done will we be able to build the new world that we all want…and that we need if we  are to be a truly civilized human race.  


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  2. —> <*o^>— ME

    —(*_*0— ME2

  3. that is our weakness……

    and our strength……

    I agree it is a meme which must go ………

    it must be we first not me first…..

    and we must all fit into we some how………..

    • Viet71 on February 9, 2008 at 20:52

    with destroying the republican party, if that’s what your revenge would mean, is that without an opposition party, the Dems in congress eventually would fall into corruption in a really big way (i.e., a bigger way than now).

    The trough is always the same, regardless of who’s feeding at it.

    • Edger on February 9, 2008 at 20:52

    is based on greed and hatred, inspired by fear, that causes them to lash out at the world outside of their little enclave of White Maleness.

    It needs enemies. If it doesn’t have a handy one, it will try to create one (propaganda).

    It will see anyone who wants revenge against it as it’s enemy. Which will energize it and give it a purpose again.

    It’s an utterly bankrupt in every way collapsing ideology.

    Let it collapse completely on it own?

    Chapter 60:

    Governing a large country

    is like frying a small fish.

    You spoil it with too much poking.

    Center your country in the Tao

    and evil will have no power.

    Not that it isn’t there,

    but you’ll be able to step out of its way.

    Give evil nothing to oppose

    and it will disappear by itself.



    I want revenge on it too, but is going for revenge going to help get rid of Republicanism, or feed Republicanism

    Just something to consider….

  4. I need vengeance so much as I need an alternative that is so powerful in its attraction that the republicanism of which you speak wastes away into the shadows from which it emerged.  

    • RiaD on February 9, 2008 at 21:01

    Thank you.

    • Edger on February 9, 2008 at 21:05

    Kill republicanism before it spreads…

    Ahhh… glad I got that out of my system…. 馃槈

  5. will be reviled by succeeding generations for a great long while…..

    but a question buhdy…..

    if it is true that this is the fourth time we have been here before what about what I call the great forgetting…..

    like in the book a canticle for lebowitz (sp?)……

    I see this whole thing in such a cyclic way…..

    • pfiore8 on February 9, 2008 at 21:29

    i want to embrace people. everyday people. i don’t want to call what they’ve believed in for years WRONG. because, in truth, the republican philosophy is not a bad one.

    the people and politicians who have usurped the party and the “brand” do not promote republicanism. i call them industrial fundamentalists, much more descriptive i think. and i used to write John Kerry e-mails begging him to detach Bush from the tradition of republicanism.

    the history of republicanism in this country is not a bad one either. Until Reaganism, a very bad philosophy imo… as it uses a smiling face to push its fascist agenda (or industrial dictatorship) rather than a raging lunatic or despot.

    Republicans were proponents of the Thirteenth Amendment, which outlawed slavery, the Fourteenth (equal protection),  and the Fifteenth (voting rights).  Jeanette Rankin, a Republican from Montana, was the first woman elected to Congress. And conservatism, as defined by T. Roosevelt, gave us our national parks.

    their views, as those of Democrats and most everybody else, sound better on paper. It’s the clash between them that has the potential to bring about the best and great results… how do we stay free? freedom exists in opposition. in yin and yang.  again, i go back to the model of our Constitutional Convention. When men with competing priorities hammered out a great way to mediate and moderate state/local, federal, and individual rights.

    i don’t want total democratic control. or republican control. that’s why i think a third party is a really good idea. we need to find ways to mitigate consolidation of federal power. easier to do in odd numbers (balance).

    i don’t know if the republican party will last or if this will kill it or kill us. and maybe Reagan et al have corrupted the meaning and tradition of it.

    but what would serve us better is to, ongoing, educate citizens about fascism and to speak out and up. We need to be able to recognize it in order to stop it from infecting our everyday world. We need to recognize its disguises.

    if we think it is just republican, then if the democrats are truly infected, how do see it? are we as blind as my aunt is????

    but, to her credit, she sees the bad people. she takes Bush out of republicanism. and, like us, she still has hopes there’s good left and dares to hope that maybe McCain (wretching at the thought) might be the one. because he’s saying a lot of things she wants to hear.

    we aren’t any different (hoping Barack Obama is the one). it’s just we’re seasoned a little differently… a little more pepper i think. and a  little less salt.

    one other thing… there are plenty of neo nazis. and other groups that want to control society at large. WWII didn’t kill the idea of nazis. but we can learn how to fight it and recognize it… and give citizens more power, like being able to recall their representatives, to fight it when it sneaks into our government.

    but it ain’t never going away… this fight is for what we call “the long haul” and we need everybody we can get to fight it. including my aunt.

    having said all that… mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to you buhdydharma. one way to fight the bad guys is people like you giving open forums for these discussions.

  6. and not vindication…

    Main Entry:






       Middle English retribucioun, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin retribution-, retributio, from Latin retribuere to pay back, from re- + tribuere to pay – more at tribute


       14th century

    1: recompense, reward

    2: the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment especially in the hereafter

    3: something given or exacted in recompense; especially : punishment

  7. will have its way with Republican Philosophy – how it has evolved, or should I say devolved and those that chose based upon free will to embrace it.

    They will come back as snails.

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