Doom and Gloom

America will never be the same, nor will the world.


This is why we fight so hard to prevent tyranny. This is why so many millions or billions of humans have died fighting for freedom. This is why the American Revolution was fought, this is why the Founders worked so hard on a solution to tyranny.

Because as we have seen, as has been proved again…as if it needed to be ….destruction is SO much quicker ad easier than construction. It is easily accomplished by a small amount of people who are focussed upon it. So much has been wiped out or reversed in such a small amount of time. Decades of progress, and in the larger picture, centuries, of a slow building of the consensus of human beings on how human beings should conduct themselves.  

All of human history has been a fight to rise from savagery. The slow construction of civilizations, the establishment of laws and codes, societies and individuals learning to help the least fortunate instead of preying on them, the idea of individual freedoms ad rights, the establishment of governments based on the idea of those rights, based on the idea of protecting them. All of human history has been a long fight upwards, up a steep slope waging a running fight against the worst of human nature. Greed, lust for power, Might makes Right, and the willingness to kill our neighbor instead of talk to him.

Civilization…as we will for purpose of this conversation call the fight against savagery…hardly ever wins big, flashy, clean victories. Savagery does. As we are seeing now around the world, the ripples of destruction are spreading. Spreading from the corruption of a country that was founded in the highest principles of civilization, and that has been hijacked by the forces of savagery.

We are faced with two questions, neither of which I have answers for (thus the title) How do we stop the ripples of savagery that have been set in motion…and how do we begin to rebuild after the damage that has been done. Those are our immediate short term challenges.

The greater, long term challenge is this. How do we prevent savagery from taking power again? How do we convince those who value civilization to come together and recognize savagery when we see it…too remain ever vigilant against it.

In other words, how do we join together to build a new form, one even more resistant to tyranny and savagery? Not just for our country, but for all of the humans on the planet?

To a certain extent, we have the solutions, the ideas and the means to do it. It is the implementation of those ideas that is the problem, it is the joining together…for that is the only way it will work…that is the true challenge.

Any ideas?



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  2. ca someoe PLEASE figure out how to ustick my N key???

    • Zwoof on February 11, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    is much more difficult than destruction.  That’s why they do it, claiming it is “hard work”.  In reality they are just lazy.

    I’m afraid we will never have the mechanism for fighting savagery.  If we can’t impeach any of this gang, no one will ever be impeached ….ever.

    So, we just have to watch these bastards day and night and pound away on our keyboards until the “N” key breaks.


    • Zwoof on February 11, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    I’m taking the 3pm slot since no one has been using it.


    • Edger on February 11, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    The only way I know is to remember that, for most of us anyway, we are never apart, unless we feel we are.

    • documel on February 11, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    Savagery will never be eliminated–never.  Early 20th century was so civilized in Vienna–it was heavenly–and then came Hitler–supported by the most civilized people on Earth.  Humans are imperfect–to search for utopia ends with dystopia.

    Bush is not an abberation–he’s Nixon, Coolidge, Harding.  All the reality shows are voyerism, a subtle form of savagery.  The founders gave us checks and balances to control the beast, some 200 years later it’s been torn asunder.

    I’m pessimistic–I was born right before Truman dropped the A bomb–twice.  At an early age I read newspapers, before Darfur the world had Rwanda and Bosnia,before that we watched Biafra, before that, Croats killed Serbs–empowered by the Nazis, before that, we had Britain ruling half the world with avarice and disdain. The world has gotten too big and too small.  Too large to control beasts within, too small to plead ignorance.  This knowledge is why we buy booze and smoke weed.

    • documel on February 12, 2008 at 2:37 am

    You failed the test retroactively–I actually voted for Jacob Javits–and I’m not sorry.  Make-up test–Will you chip in with me to buy Bush/Cheney a one way ticket to the Hague?

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