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Please Help Us – Don’t Hurt Us


It is very important that we follow good form when discussing articles and interviews.  This means:

Please do not reprint entire articles

Please do link to the original source

Please add your own thoughts along with the quoted article or interview

Simply cutting and pasting an article from somewhere else without doing any work whatsoever is not what blogging/writing is about, it is what Cutting and Pasting is about.  If all you want to do is point out an important story to the group please find the latest open thread and add a link.  More people will find it there rather than on an individual post anyway.

Now that we are being treated as a real publishing force, we must adhere to basic rules.

Thanks for helping us.    

How to Win Any Local Political Campaign Online


Admittedly I did not apply the philosophy below to my own local elections this year.  But this is the method I followed to help a Progressive Democrat win in Western New York.  The candidate had been posting some things on a site I ran and I noticed his campaign site needed help.

1. Make sure your coding is correct so that the search engines will be able to index your site properly.  Your site should be ready to go before you announce, if not make it a priority ASAP as media articles referring to you will sometimes include links to your site and you don’t want it to look like a mess. Yes a blog is a must.  An events calendar is also very helpful as people feel welcome to join in the fun right away.

2. Post photos of the candidate interacting with people at local events.  At the same time begin advertising the site in every conceivable location, if the site is broken down into issues register those sections of the site with indexes that are related to the topic, register news feeds with aggregate sites and search for local engines and link lists.

My Dinner With clammyc


I’ve long been a fan of noted blogger clammyc.  He is a tireless and eloquent patriot blogging for the cause.  He is also a pioneer in the field of blog radio and a soon-to-be new father.  After following his writing for a year or more I finally met him face to face at YKOS in Chi-town this past August.  In the course of our conversations there he mentioned that he had a trip to Atlanta coming up in the fall.  I told him to get in touch if he had any free time.  

Netroots Go Boom

What a day,

This was all foreshadowed recently on Bill Maher’s show when Kos was speaking of the netroots in the past tense, apparently without even realizing it.  He said that news media wasn’t allowing critical voices to be heard a few years ago which is why DailyKos became so popular but failed to point out the critical work being currently done and did not even mention the future of the netroots.

On a previous media appearance Kos said that anyone who posted photoshopped pictures on his website was an idiot. I figure that ruled out about 35% of the top posters who were now completely ignored as idiots by the guy they were helping to make rich.  Arrogant?  Hell yes.  Self serving?  Ahuh.  

So perhaps we need better leaders.  Perhaps here we need A leader.  Because right now we aren’t accomplishing a hell of a lot.

Did the netroots go boom?

Is it worth salvaging?  Or have our leaders already left us for the country club?

Competition, Collaboration, and Co-Creation

I have a .net head and a .org heart.
I am trying to transform a .com game using .gov players.

The nature of American politics is highly competitive. It is not rule by the majority. It is rule by those who can take power and dig the deepest trenches to defend it. Getting an office is a series of rivalries and victories. At each step another 49% of the voices get pushed aside, and the remaining 51% go on to the next divisive round. Tiny factions get the spoils.

This paradigm of competition is such a deep part of the structure, that to generate participation I sometimes have to cloak ‘all of us together’ projects in the language of ‘us vs. them.’

I think there is a larger point to be made here about cooperative blog projects, the ecology of bloggers each doing their own thing, and the underlying competitiveness of Left vs. Right, Dem vs Rep, DLC vs Progressive, and my blog vs. their blog.

I am not sure that I can fully make that point, but I will nibble around the edges while telling you what I am doing to mess with the system in the Colorado 2nd Congressional District ‘Coats and Cans‘ straw poll.

a poem inside a dream

This is a poem for buhdy and all of the other dreamers who have made docudharma a reality.

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