Netroots Go Boom

What a day,

This was all foreshadowed recently on Bill Maher’s show when Kos was speaking of the netroots in the past tense, apparently without even realizing it.  He said that news media wasn’t allowing critical voices to be heard a few years ago which is why DailyKos became so popular but failed to point out the critical work being currently done and did not even mention the future of the netroots.

On a previous media appearance Kos said that anyone who posted photoshopped pictures on his website was an idiot. I figure that ruled out about 35% of the top posters who were now completely ignored as idiots by the guy they were helping to make rich.  Arrogant?  Hell yes.  Self serving?  Ahuh.  

So perhaps we need better leaders.  Perhaps here we need A leader.  Because right now we aren’t accomplishing a hell of a lot.

Did the netroots go boom?

Is it worth salvaging?  Or have our leaders already left us for the country club?


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  1. Kos will still rail about the MSM, even though he’s joined them as a commentator.  He’ll probably reamin as a mover and shaker, but the netroots is what the great unwashed make of it.

  2. the netroots while continuing with his major strategy of being a media star; whether he will succeed or not, I do not know. My gut – and it has always been the same – like many many people who are around at the birth of a new form of media  – he saw an immediate opportunty to aggregate all of those looking for a progressive home into one giant blog site – one that can and does drawf others.

    This was by design.

    One thing he knows is that he is not a leader and he doesn’t have any intention of being a leader. So he is moving on his agenda :

    to be an influental spokeman for the progressive blogging community. And do not be fooled – he is Hollywood all the way. But let him go in peace with our blessings.

    Our vision, in  my opinion, is much more reboust and has the opportunity  not just to eclipase all others but to bring some of them along with us building a very different kind of community.  

  3. tis strays pretty far over the line into kos-bashing!

    Just a reminder

    • Tigana on November 16, 2007 at 17:12

    Thank you.

    • Alma on November 16, 2007 at 17:23

    Is this really about kos, or the frustration that I think we all feel, to different degrees, that things aren’t moving in the right direction quickly enough?

    We can all do only so much, and I don’t think we need a leader to tell us what to do.  It takes all of the baby steps we individually, and together take.  My baby steps recently have been to get Aidan Delgado an interview on a radio show, and to get a Michigan radio personality to advertise the Iraq Moratorium.  I think we need to let each other know what we are doing that works, so others can duplicate it in their areas if possible, but I don’t think we necessarily need a leader.

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