a poem inside a dream

This is a poem for buhdy and all of the other dreamers who have made docudharma a reality.

  a poem inside a dream
  house moves like sliding
  glass doors, recurring twice
  a year for years and
  then dissolved as the dream
  is very becoming towards

  a dream inside a poem
  finds itself in a house
  full of hidden chambers
  doors and hallways
  rooms all lit but
  shadowy, layers of darkness
  flowing across the bare
  floors and walls.

  the doors inside the poem
  lead deeper into the house
  down the halls, up the stairs
  winding round and round
  recurrent themes of dreams
  rhythms in no time
  leading on to nowhere
  shifting gradually.

  the darkness inside the space
  overwhelming and consuming
  clinging cobwebs and dirt
  surrounding, dragging you down
  escaping only by entering
  a cubbyhole in a dark
  corner, leading into
  the dark passageways.

  the glass inside the holes
  shifts into skewed planes
  dissolving past reflections
  till the reality of ever
  narrowing walls squeezes
  so tight you can barely
  believe this turn of events
  as you squirm and wriggle
  along the seemingly endless tube.

  the slot inside the walls
  climbing straight up
  traversing, always tight
  sometimes up-side-down
  never ending transitions
  clutching at your heart
  in the blackest night.

  the space inside the mind
  becomes contracted, compressed
  squeezed by outer pressures
  clawing at curtains
  draped down the tubes
  sticky as webs
  tangling twisting entrapping
  never releasing.

  then suddenly, awake
  no longer stuck
  embracing the calm space
  clearly lit and blossoming
  forth, radiant beauty
  welcoming all being
  to this lofty chamber
  inside a dream, inside a poem.


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  2. that’s quite something… thank you Seattle Mark

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    That was a neat journey!

  4. I don’t think you wrote the words “spiral” or “spiralling” anywhere there, yet that’s what it felt like before we reached the chamber.

    I don’t know how to do pics so I’ll backhoof the stable door.

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