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New York City meet up on Thursday (Mar 27)

We’re working on it! looks like srkp23 and I will meet at 8ish. we haven’t picked a location yet, but i’m hoping it will be mid town.

Anybody up for a small DD meetup??????????

I’ll update this as I get more information.


Now that the restraining order has expired…

and Buhdy is free of all legal constraints, I’d like to offer my place as a meetup when Buhdy washes up on the shores of San Francisco.  I live in the southern part of SF (close to 101 and 280) and would be glad to spring for Cheetos and malt likker.

The thing is….we need a day and some interest on the part of SF Bay Area docu-alarmists, or whatever it is we’re called.  Well, I’m just called lazy because, as Buhdy reminds me, I’ve skirted all obligations related to this blog, but maybe he’ll forgive me over snacks with Cheezwhiz or cooking out on the deck.  Any takers?  If interested, post some day preferences below and we’ll see what we can work out.

My Dinner With clammyc


I’ve long been a fan of noted blogger clammyc.  He is a tireless and eloquent patriot blogging for the cause.  He is also a pioneer in the field of blog radio and a soon-to-be new father.  After following his writing for a year or more I finally met him face to face at YKOS in Chi-town this past August.  In the course of our conversations there he mentioned that he had a trip to Atlanta coming up in the fall.  I told him to get in touch if he had any free time.