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B Pravity ! Slithering, slimey scum!

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I guess most of us thought that the $20 billion fund to be set up by BP was to be used exclusively for payment of claims to coastal workers and businesses.  

Michael Rozen, a partner in the Feinberg Rozen law firm, which is in charge of administering the fund. . . . .

“My present understanding is … that it is available for all manner of costs,” Rozen said, stressing that all legitimate claimants would be paid.

“Twenty billion maybe isn’t sufficient for the mass of stuff that’s aired, in which case BP will have to add more. If that should be the case, people still have their rights and remedies under law.”

. . . . . Robert Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and activist, told Reuters that it was another “subterfuge by BP.”

Toxic tort lawyers Mike Papantonio and Perry Weitz said news that the fund can have other purposes “amounts to a trick,” because the public expects all of the money to go to victims.

“Imagine if BP uses a significant portion for clean-up costs,” Weitz said at the spill litigation conference. “What’s left for the victims?”  (emphasis mine)


Clean-Up Worker Alert!

This is not really a diary, folks!  But it’s an important action alert (also, cross-posted at Firefly-dreaming).

Please everyone, take a moment to sign FireDogLake’s petition to BP insisting they provide respirators and the proper equipment for the clean-up workers along the Gulf coast.  BP is threatening to fire anyone who wears their own bought masks or whatever — seems BP is worried about its PR image (WTF?).

        Tell BP: Oil Cleanup Workers Need Respirators and Safety Training

                                         Click on photo to sign the petition.

It seems to me that OSHA should be on BP’s back to get them to buy the proper safety and health equipment for these people, who are exposed to many dangerous illnesses!  But, then, it seems to me . . . . . a lot of things . . . . . . !

Thank you, ALL!