Clean-Up Worker Alert!

This is not really a diary, folks!  But it’s an important action alert (also, cross-posted at Firefly-dreaming).

Please everyone, take a moment to sign FireDogLake’s petition to BP insisting they provide respirators and the proper equipment for the clean-up workers along the Gulf coast.  BP is threatening to fire anyone who wears their own bought masks or whatever — seems BP is worried about its PR image (WTF?).

        Tell BP: Oil Cleanup Workers Need Respirators and Safety Training

                                         Click on photo to sign the petition.

It seems to me that OSHA should be on BP’s back to get them to buy the proper safety and health equipment for these people, who are exposed to many dangerous illnesses!  But, then, it seems to me . . . . . a lot of things . . . . . . !

Thank you, ALL!      


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  1. ckeab-up workers.

  2. ecosystem, the health of the thousands of workers doesn’t mean much either.

    Thanks for action alert.

  3. to sign a contract forbidding them from talking to the Media!

    The contract included a clause prohibiting them and their deckhands from making “news releases, marketing presentation, or any other public statements” while working on the clean-up. It also included an additional section titled “Agreement Regarding Proprietary and Confidential Information,” which states that workers cannot disclose “Data” gathered while on the job, including “plans,” “reports,” “information” and “etc.” . . . .

    On May 24, however, someone named Tommy G. Mayet sent a letter, “on behalf of BP America Production Company,” to Vessel Opportunity Program members, informing them that Article 22 and Paragraph 5 (as well as other sections) had been deleted from the original contract because of a lawsuit. Nevertheless, the original contract has had a chilling effect on many fishermen, who remain nervous about talking to journalists. “Ultimately, BP is not directly limiting media contact,” writes the Powering a Nation reporters, “but the contract added more uncertainty on top of what the fishermen are already experiencing.”

    To be quite honest, the more I review the photo I’ve shown (which FDL also showed), the more I believe it is a “bogus” photo — staged to the max.  Notice how two workers have on black shirts (absorbs heat), while two others have on white shirts.  Notice the placement of the shovels, notice the tracks of a bulldozer or something, notice the one guy who appears to have plastic over something enormous, (sorry, but it looks weird, as do so many things in this photo).  Now, that I think further about this, I recall seeing AP photos of people dressed in every day casual clothing, not even hats, and using shovels to clean-up.  But, then, again, maybe, there’s a select few who actually have some protective safety coverings!

    Oh, BTW, here are some AP photos — note, there are people enjoying the fun and sun on the polluted sands!  Unreal!

  4. AGAINST offshore drilling.

    Gulf Spill Disaster – No New Offshore Oil Drilling!

    Click on the Logo for Action Page

  5. Here is the response I got.

    By no means am I an expert but somehow I’m more inclined to believe Dr. Ott than DemFromCT or CDC or OSHA.

  6. And does volunteering for such things somehow get into one’s permanent digital non-private medical surveillance record as prescribed under 1099 my ass to death Obamacare.

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