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I guess most of us thought that the $20 billion fund to be set up by BP was to be used exclusively for payment of claims to coastal workers and businesses.  

Michael Rozen, a partner in the Feinberg Rozen law firm, which is in charge of administering the fund. . . . .

“My present understanding is … that it is available for all manner of costs,” Rozen said, stressing that all legitimate claimants would be paid.

“Twenty billion maybe isn’t sufficient for the mass of stuff that’s aired, in which case BP will have to add more. If that should be the case, people still have their rights and remedies under law.”

. . . . . Robert Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and activist, told Reuters that it was another “subterfuge by BP.”

Toxic tort lawyers Mike Papantonio and Perry Weitz said news that the fund can have other purposes “amounts to a trick,” because the public expects all of the money to go to victims.

“Imagine if BP uses a significant portion for clean-up costs,” Weitz said at the spill litigation conference. “What’s left for the victims?”  (emphasis mine)


Mike Papantonio is an environmental/toxic attorney, who is representing the coastal shrimpers in their claims.  He has been urging claimants to submit their claims and pursue them post haste, as he stated on The Ed Schultz Radio show the other day.  He also said that BP is right now in talks with the biggest and best of attorneys discussing bankruptcy and a “scheme” [this would be the British equivalent of  reorganization].  

Although, I did not see this show on TV, on June 25, 2010, here it is!  Mike Papantonio discuses these issues with Ed Schultz briefly.


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Additionally, Mike Papantonio refers to “BP Spill as Organized Crime”

“I know what a thug corporation looks like,” says lawyer and radio host Mike Papantonio, who is busy building a RICO case against BP for the oil devastation in the Gulf. “These people are sociopaths and the GOP are apologizing for them.” . . . .

So, you can see that BP will do anything and everything to find a means of slithering out of as much responsibility possible for the chaos and destruction it has caused. Are we really surprised?

And the 10-day* shutdown of clean-ups?  Maybe, BP chose to go on holiday!  Or more probably, maybe, it’s simply a stall on the part of BP in order not to incur more costs, while the bankruptcy “scheme” is being set up.  

BP “drills” in more ways than one!

*(5 days prior impending hurricane and 5 days afterwards to get set up again.)  


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  1. continues to gush some 100,000 barrels or more per day, unabated in any way, during the “time off.”  The “life” does not stand a chance!  

  2. everybody I talk to is worried about the impending wicked bad depression when gas goes to seven bucks and electric to $400.

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