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Dharmathon! Now With Extra Protein!

Do you see the brass bowl at the right side of the screen?  The one that has “donate” etched upon it?

If you click on the bowl, you can donate, and now is a good time.

Our Zen Dictator, buhdydharma, would normally be writing this essay, but he is having a flare-up of his back injury so you’re stuck with me.

Here’s buhdydharma’s semi-autobiographical essay from the last Dharmathon, for those of you who are interested.

Here is a pictorial biography of buhdydharma:


What a handsome man!

Dharmathon ! ! !

Hey kids…I got a big favor to ask. Actually, maybe not such a big favor when you think about it.

You know buhdydharma? That guy that’s been the nucleating agent over the last few years of Essential DKos Community Spirit, an Energizing Force for Good, and All-around Pony-giving Dude, Morale Officer, and Help to Newbies? You know that guy who has written countless witty and inspiring diaries, rallied to numerous causes, bucked up more down-in-the-dumps cowpokes, and been there for you on your comment list when no one else showed up…and no doubt been responsible for attracting more than his fair share of ad-revenue generating clicks to DKos?

Well, Let’s Help a Brother Out…It’s a Dharmathon ! ! !

More below this electronic substitute for an actual fold in piece of paper, as it were.