Dharmathon! Now With Extra Protein!

Do you see the brass bowl at the right side of the screen?  The one that has “donate” etched upon it?

If you click on the bowl, you can donate, and now is a good time.

Our Zen Dictator, buhdydharma, would normally be writing this essay, but he is having a flare-up of his back injury so you’re stuck with me.

Here’s buhdydharma’s semi-autobiographical essay from the last Dharmathon, for those of you who are interested.

Here is a pictorial biography of buhdydharma:


What a handsome man!

As buhdy always says, please don’t feel pressured to give, give what you can, and you are loved unconditionally in any event!

One thing you can do that will help is recommend this essay so it stays at the top of the rec list for all to see.

Here I shall wax lyrical …

Once in a very long time there appears a spirit who embodies the aspirations of many people and gives them a voice.

I believe buhdy has that spirit.

Thank you for reading — I’m not much good at fund raising essays, but in this instance I hope my sincerity makes up for my lack of skill.


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    • Edger on April 30, 2010 at 16:04

    and he’s got a friend in you? 😉

  1. a pictorial biography of buhdydharma.  {shaking head} You really shouldn’t opened that door … cuz I could have a lot of fun with that! lol


    • TMC on April 30, 2010 at 17:11

    very nicely done. Sending buhdy some healing spells, too. It’s full moon and Beltane

  2. and will put some in the bowl after I see what is left. The rent is cheap when you consider that this is a good home full of good spirit, and that buhdy’s spirit and body must be feed as he must get hungry with all his yelling. You did great NPK, a plea with taste and visuals. Hope budhy feels better I have sympathy as my back is hurting from digging and flinging rocks about. Your back seems to be essential and when it is messed up your whole body gets whacked.    

  3. Photobucket

  4. Especially for that last picture where you finally “got my good side”

  5. If I do this I can cry too poor to go shopping with my daughter this weekend! She’s got plans.

    She texted me at work. Old Navy is having a sale!

    I whine texted back, But it’s going to rain all weekend!

    Perfect time to shop, she says.

    I could stay home and read and eat and sleep and play with the dog…and actually save money.

  6. crossing my fingers some sunshine fills your corner of the world tomorrow.

  7. I luckily found 9th and C in NYC.

    Orphans with “Street Moms”, a guy named “Trash” who could flip pigeons on the roof, and a C-Town that gave us a bountiful potluck until they installed a fuckin compactor.

    His whole situation is fucked and I fear many more are suffering without a blog to run.

    I don’t got money, but I got a phone number if he needs it, just how we roll:

  8. might as well do what I can for friends before the Debt Commission works me over, the “savvy businessmen” having done their part to most of us already.

  9. It’s raining today which is fine, it reflects my mood. We’re on tornado watch and that’s just dandy too. Hit us with your best shot, oh mighty one.

    Oh yeah, I paid up some and thanks for letting me hang out here.

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